“You hate losing”, Emmanuel Macron received the Blues at the Elysée

Returning from Germany where it won a fourth European title on Sunday by beating Denmark (33-31), the French handball team was received by the President of the Republic.

From the gold of the Euro to the gold of the Republic: the day after their continental coronation, the fourth in their history, the French handball players returned to France on Monday in an intact euphoria, still on their “cloud”and were received by Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée.

After the European gold won back in Germany, the Blues must now win the most beautiful metal in Paris in six months during the 2024 Olympics (July 26 – August 11), as the President of the Republic underlined, praising the “lesson in sporting and mental commitment” of Guillaume Gille’s men.

After their stunning victory in the semi-final on Friday against Sweden, the Blues defeated Denmark, the three-time reigning world champion, in the final (33-31 AD) on Sunday in Cologne, thus once again becoming the masters of Europe , ten after their previous coronation in the competition.

From now on, “heading towards the 2024 Olympics, the whole world will want to come to Paris to want to beat you and, you, win a new title”said the head of state to Nikola Karabatic and his gang.

“I have immense confidence because you hate losing and the Blues have already won the Olympic double in 2008 and 2012, the coach (Guillaume Gille) was there, Nikola too”added Emmanuel Macron, six weeks after welcoming the French women’s team, freshly crowned world champions in Denmark.

Even after an eleventh international title, the living legend of handball Nikola Karabatic was not “did not come down from the cloud” when he set foot in the capital, at midday, on the platforms of the Gare du Nord.

«Hyper fort»

Even before their cheers one by one as they got off their train by around thirty supporters waving a few flags, the Blues had tasted their popularity on board the train.

To a group of young people asking for a photo, the team’s playing master Nedim Remili took part in the exercise with a big smile, urging Dika Mem’s brother, tinted glasses on his nose, to participate too. “They won’t see the difference”said, bursting out laughing, the one named best player of the tournament by the vote of a jury and best “ambiencer” of the French team.

If success always enhances, the scenes of joy and conviviality give an idea of ​​the importance in this group of the indestructible Nikola Karabatic, forty years old in less than three months.

“It’s very strong for me to have been able to help bring back another title to Niko before the end of his career”launches Elohim Prandi, savior of the Blues in the semi-final against Sweden and favorite of Emmanuel Macron who took him aside to talk to him “the weekend, the free kick, lots of things” when receiving.

“Friendship”, “secret of victory”

“There is a lot of friendship, an incredible atmosphere in the team,” confirmed +Kara+ upon setting foot at Gare du Nord. It’s a joy to be with them. It’s a real collective. I think that’s one of the secrets of our victory.”

Barely has he finished his sentence when Dylan Nahi and Nedim Remili, having borrowed the Federation’s recording equipment, play journalists: “Are you the best player of all time?

– It’s not for me to answer.

– Your teammates are unanimous in saying this…

– I think they’re beans.”

Not frightened by their program, the gang continued the party in their compartment 27, helped by the menu of the Eurostar bar car, ex-Thalys, well stocked with Belgian beers.

The launch of another form of marathon competition concluding Monday with festivities in the evening at the Maison du handball in Créteil, headquarters of the Federation.

They have six months before diving back into the deep end of the Olympics and granting the president’s wish: “There is no longer a choice,” he warned. You are going to offer us great Games next summer.”



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