The Betplay League: Arturo Vidal’s Potential Move to América de Cali

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The Chilean player is a real option for the scarlet team, but the operation is not easy.


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January 09, 2024, 11:03 p.m. m.

The name of Arturo Vidal in América has begun to sound quite strongly and after the statement by the club’s largest shareholder, Tulio Gómez, in which he made it clear that he contacted the Chilean soccer star, the real possibility of being able to have to the former Athletico Paranaense player.

The ‘King’ ended his relationship with Paranaense at the end of 2023 and is a free agent, so he could negotiate with any club that offers him an option, so América is not unreasonable, but the economic issue will be crucial for him. the player makes the final decision, although there is talk that the offer sent was for a one-year contract, but they are waiting for a response.

However, the hope that América has is that the same player has wanted to wear the América de Cali shirt and has a motivation to do so, since his wife, Sonia Isaza, is Colombian and in addition, they have been seen together several times in restaurants from the city of Cali, so it would be a plus for the scarlet team to have the Chilean soccer player.

Despite this, there is something that would complicate the signing of Arturo Vidal to América and that is the quota of foreigners, since in Colombia it is approved that 4 are registered in the squad and a total of three play on the field, but the scarlet team will soon fill all of them. their boxes.

Currently the foreigners who are on the American squad are: Joel Graterol, Franco Leys and Gastón Suaro, but the directives are close to closing the Argentine Rodrigo Holgado, who said goodbye to Coquimbo Unidos of Chile and the press of that country brings him closer to the scarlet picture

Given this scenario, America would have to leave one of those mentioned above to be able to open a spot for Arturo Vidal and everything seems to indicate that if the negotiation with the Chilean takes place, the one who would leave would be Gastón Suaro, although he has current contract or the other option could be to cancel Holgado’s arrival.

For now, Arturo Vidal is training with the Chilean Under-23 team that is preparing for the Pre-Olympic and is continuing to recover from a knee injury that kept him off the field since September 2023.

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