Team Ima San Mamolo Judo Celebrates an Unforgettable 2023 Season

An important season has ended for Paolo Checchi’s Team Ima San Mamolo Judo. Perhaps the best season ever, but since appetite comes with eating, Checchi hopes that his boys can repeat themselves at the same levels in 2024. The season will resume from January 20th but now, in fact, the 2023 champions need to be celebrated.

Checchi, where to start?

“Maybe from the kata: a European silver, a fourth place at the world championship, a gold for the Italians and a first place at the Grand Prix with Laura Bugo and Barbara Bruni Cerchier. And in the national team, in addition to these two girls, we also brought Maria Cristina De Zordo”.

From kata, or form, we move on to Shiai (fighting).

“And here too we have qualified some of our boys for both the A1 and A2 championships”.

An obligatory mention.

“That’s right: Lucia Magli won three Italian titles, cadet A1, junior A2 and overall A2”.

And it’s not over.

“Yes, two silver medals in the Italian Cup and in the A1 championships. Without forgetting the bronze at the European Cup”.

Besides Lucia?

“Bronze at the Italian cadet championship by Viola Tamburi Franzoni. And then…”.


“Danila Trotta’s fifth place in the A1 juniors, seventh also among the overall”.

Not just federal business, right?

“At youth level, the team obtained the Aics tricolor, the Pizzoli memorial and the Pinocchio trophy”.

Without forgetting the Paralympic world.

“In which Paolo Camanni Dong Dong won bronze at the visually impaired world championships”.

In a nutshell, what is San Mamolo Judo for you?

“A big family. At the headquarters the kids study – every year we celebrate new degrees -, they train, they fall in love. We try to convey our principles: work, commitment, honesty and respect for others. Our technicians must be educators, examples for our children.”

There is no shortage of sponsors.

“Ima, that allows us to do so many things.”

Asd San Mamolo judo is a non-profit company that has a center in via Olindo Guerrini 25 and a second headquarters in the Villaggio del Fanciullo complex. There are 150 athletes, 17 teachers. Paolo Checchi is the president and teacher, Cesare Amorosi is responsible for the kata; Patrick Covato and Maurizio Farini the coaches; Laura Bugo and Barbara Bruni Cerchier are responsible for training; Gianluca Frascà and Michele Mantovani are responsible for the amateur course; Daniele Zampighi, Rostand Barry, Sofia Trizio, Maria Cristina De Zordo, Dario Illice, Luca Gelli and Daniel Mangini the teachers; Lorenzo Gentile and Federico Vender the doctors and teachers.

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