Satoransky is resurrected and the quarry puts the icing on the cake in Granada

He Barça He has not given any option in his visit to Coviran Granada (61-94) in a very serious game in general terms in which Tomas Satoransky especially shone, needing a performance like that to finish regaining the confidence that he has lacked in recent weeks.

The Czech had the invaluable help of a motivated Willy Hernangómez who, despite missing some clear action, offered a lot of strength under the hoops, was very active and contributed 20 points and nine rebounds in a perfect midday that they capped the youngsters Kasparas Jakucionis and Dame Sarr sharing the last 11 points of the team.

The blaugranas faced the clash after seeing their streak of six consecutive wins broken in Istanbul and even with the significant losses of Nico Laprovittola and Àlex Abrines, although at least Roger Grimau recovered James Nnaji and this allowed him to give a rest to a Jan Vesely who was heavily loaded with minutes.

The team led by Pablo Pin managed to stop the Barça production from the perimeter with an excellent succession of assists that left the visitors without three-pointers in the first quarter. Without that option (0/3), Willy Hernangómez became the benchmark under the hoops despite some surprising failures.

With six points and three rebounds, The man from Madrid stood up to the Brazilian Cristiano Felício (former teammate of Pau Gasol in the Bulls) and was key in the first five minutes (9-12), although the entry of Jonathan Rousselle spurred the locals to get closer to just one point (13-14).

Brizuela defends Rousselle’s incursion. FCB

The quarter closed with notable minutes from Nnaji with three points from the free throw and a 16-18 scoreline that would not take long to begin to grow in the second quarter finally from the perimeter thanks to the contribution of Jabari Parker and a Brizuela that continues alternating genius (more and more) with gross errors (less and less).

The point is that The ‘Mamba’ raised the Barça advantage to 10 points (20-30) and there another good offensive series by Hernangómez stifled Coviran Granada’s attempts to return the game led by Cheatham, the most inspired against a good Barça defense.

Paulí scored the visitors’ second triple and Satoransky showed that little by little he is regaining confidence in attack. The Czech is fundamental in this team and that tunnel that he has gone through in recent weeks has hindered the team on more than one occasion. He must be more ambitious in attack and finished the first half with seven points after a triple that was the last basket in play of the second quarter (32-42).

James Nnaji had more minutes than usual. / FCB

Barça returned determined not to have problems in the Nasrid capital with a very aggressive defense and a lot of solvency in attack with Satoransky as the ‘brain’ and executor with two triples in a row in a partial of 0-8 (32-50). It only remained to be seen if any of those roller coasters in which the team is immersed could complicate the victory.

Nothing of that. On the contrary. Each player contributed intensity and the third quarter was closed by Brizuela with a triple while only Kwan Chetham contributed on the local side (47-67). The difference reached 22 points in the last quarter (52-74) and this gave youngsters Dame Sarr and Kasparas Jakucionis options to participateboth called to great things in basketball.

And in full offensive display by Willy, Grimau gave 2:08 to the two promises of the Barça reserve team, who showed their ‘jeta’ at the first opportunity. The Italian missed a triple and the Lithuanian scored two without hesitation to go within six points. Sarr also added two points in a spectacular counterattack and contributed a triple on a personal play. 11 points between the two in 129 seconds! In the end, 61-94 in a complete party.

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