Roma – Verona (2-1) – Scattered considerations

The fans sing for him, but from what we see on the pitch, Jose Mourinho already seems like a distant memory

1500 days after his farewell as a footballer, Daniele De Rossi returns to the Olimpico lawn in the role of coach. He does it at the height of a week bordering on the surreal, as has been seen few other times in the turbulent history of Roma, with a square divided between anger at the expulsion of the coach who had brought the first European trophy and love for the return of the prodigal son. Maybe it does too jumping ahead a little too quicklyin a corporate choice which with his intelligence he understood was also dictated by environmental factors, but then again the coach who claims to be most inspired used to say: “strong men, strong destinies”.

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De Rossi’s first Roma takes the field with an asymmetrical and fluid 4-3-3 that best suits the characteristics of the players available, with Dybala on the right always ready to centralize and a reinvigorated Karsdorp to guarantee width in the lane, And He immediately showed his desire to control the game through ball possession and a continuous search for tight phrasing. The team always tries to build from the bottom and long balls towards Lukaku, the only solution to move up the field until the last match, can be counted on the fingers of one hand: net of personal opinions on Jose Mourinho, what you see at the Olimpico is a breath of fresh air in football compared to the last two and a half years. The fact that these changes have been absorbed so well after just 3 training sessions demonstrates both that Roma have the resources to try to propose a football not based exclusively on nerves, the trenches and fights, but also that those who sit on the bench enjoy credibility and an excellent ability to get into the heads of the players. We will only find out if this is enough by living.

Obviously, De Rossi doesn’t have a magic wand, e.g there are still many things to work on. After a more than positive 60′, the lights went out in Roma, as evidenced by the ending of enormous suffering. Folourunsho’s goal, on Rui Patricio’s target, was enough to cause panic in the Giallorossi half of the field, also thanks to an athletic condition that does not appear optimal. Me tooDybala’s positionwho has not shown much confidence in the role of winger, remains a theme, but the impression is that with Ndicka’s return we can turn to a hybrid module – between the 4-man defense and the 3-man defense – which can allow you to almost only nominally occupy the right attacker’s box.

Among the beautiful things, the proof of El Sharaawy, brought back to his natural role and definitely a factor in a first half in which he had a hand in both goals. In general, the players that De Rossi already knew from his past seemed the most regenerated, starting from a Karsdorp who, having shed the heavy role of “traitor” and scapegoat, provided an important contribution to the offensive phase, at least until he had the strength to do so. Very good too Paredes, extremely comfortable in the role of the “five” and in contributing to the Lavolpian salida attempts of a team more devoted to possession than destruction. Among the guests, a devil worth mentioning Flourunsho and the ever-dangerous Suslov, while Chatchoua becomes the protagonist of a horror first half and Mboula simply turns out to be a mysterious object and not very suitable for certain latitudes.

Marco Baroni is a trained coach and a white fly in Italian football. No complaints, no alibi, despite the fact that one of his squads was dismantled in this winter transfer window already in itself not excellent due to the problems of the questionable ownership headed by Setti. At the Olimpico, a decimated but organized and proud Verona took to the field, capable of resisting during the strong storm and then looking for a coup in the final, when Roma were now on their feet and prey to their bad thoughts. Now Baroni will have the thankless task of reassembling a team on the fly with a series of arrivals from leagues very different from our Serie A such as the Eredivise. Good luck, but woe betide anyone who gives Verona up for defeat.

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