Pedro Sánchez accuses the “fachosphere” of “demobilizing the electorate”

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, responded this Sunday to the PP demonstration. He has done it in a interview in ‘La Vanguardia’. In it, he has coined a new concept, the “fachosfera”, which assures that the only thing it wants is to generate noise to demobilize the electorate.

“I think what is going to happen when you see the beneficial effects “It will be the case that many of the politicians who are demonstrating in the streets of Spain today will make good on that saying ‘if I’ve seen you, I don’t remember’,” said the head of the Executive.

“They have a shipwreck of ideas”

Likewise, he has charged against “that whole ‘fachosphere’ because what it does is polarize, insult, generate distrust with a clear purpose.”

“They have a shipwreck of ideas. They are parasitized by the extreme right. As they can topple still legitimate government of two left-wing parties creating noise to demobilize the electorate,” he added.


2024-01-28 16:49:34
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