Pardubice B – Poruba 2:5, Poruba hockey players rule the first league by 18 points

Poruba won for the sixth time in a row. She stepped behind three points in Chrudim in the 4th minute, when she gained a two-goal lead in 33 seconds thanks to Petr Mrázek and the Canadian Aaron Berish. In the second half, Mrázek first scored again, and in the 35th minute, Daniel Herčík corrected the situation in a power play.

In the final act, Berisha made it 4:2. At 59:02, Jakub Lichtag gave hope to the home side, but 26 seconds before the end, Berisha sealed the result, completing a hat trick with a power play into an empty net. Dynamo’s reserve team suffered their seventh loss in their last eight matches.

Vsetín suffered the second defeat from the last four duels. Sokolov scored for the sixth time in a row, of which he won the fifth time. The Wallachians lost 0:2 after two periods on the ice of Baník after goals from David Novotný and Vojtěch Tomeček. In the 46th minute, Matěj Dědek corrected the situation, but defenders Martin Weinhold and Jaromír Kverka secured the win for the home team.

Zlín won only the third of the last six games, but they succeeded at home for the third time in a row. Horácka Slavia took the lead in the 13th minute due to a numerical advantage, exzlín’s Jiří Ondráček, in the middle of the game within 92 seconds, Pavel Sedláček and Martin Novák turned the situation around. At the end of the second half, Ladislav Bittner equalized in a five-to-three power play, but in the 45th minute Nicolas Werbik made the decision when David Michalčuk was sent off. Jan Süss and Bedřich Köhler added other goals for the home side.

After six games, Přerov scored points, winning at home over Litoměřice 2:1 after separate raids. In the fifth match, the new Zubrů coach Michal Mikeska, who replaced Robert Svoboda in mid-December, got his first win. Jakub Svoboda scored the winning goal in the shootout.

Frýdek-Místek took over after two matches without a point, beat Kolín 6:1 at home and moved from penultimate to 12th place. Filip Haman, Vladimír Svačina and Radek Veselý contributed three points per goal and two assists. The Kozlovs lost for the third time in a row.

After two wins in a row, Slavia Prague did not succeed and after the defeat in Pelhřimov against the home team Jihlava 3:5, they fell from 12th to 13th position. With two goals and one assist, Šimon Jelínek helped Dukla win for the third time in the last four games, Richard Cachnín also scored twice for the winners, and Tomáš Havránek recorded a goal and two assists.

Znojmo lost the fourth of the past five duels and loses three points to Slavia. Prostějov scored for the fifth time in a row and won for the fourth time. Jan Veselý contributed to the success of Jestřáb with a goal and a pass.

34th round of the first chance hockey league: Frýdek-Místek – Kolín 6:1 (1:0, 2:1, 3:0) Goals: 5. Ramik, 23. Svačina, 38. R. Veselý, 50. Marosz, 54 Haman 59. Cedzo – 38. P. Moravec. Referee: Skopal, Šudoma – Kráľ, O. Veselý. Exclusion: 2:2, in addition R. Veselý – Š. Němec both 5 min. Usage: 1:0. Spectators: 684. Jihlava – Slavia Prague 5:3 (0:2, 1:0, 4:1) Goals: 29th and 43rd Cachnín, 42nd and 56th Š. Jelínek, 58th T. Havránek – 11. M. Beran, 13. T. Knotek, 60. Kremláček. Referee: Zavřel, R. Svoboda – Kotlík, Polák. Exclusion: 4:4, in addition L. Mareš – Guman both 5 min. Usage: 1:2. Underdog: 1:0. Spectators: 611 Přerov – Litoměřice 2:1 after sam. in raids (0:1, 1:0, 0:0 – 0:0) Goals: 24. Lednický, decisive sam. raid Jakub Svoboda – 4. Kuťák. Referee: Valenta, Hucl – Štěpánek, J. Dědek. Exclusion: 3:3. Usage: 1:0. Spectators: 730. Zlín – Třebíč 5:2 (0:1, 2:1, 3:0) Goals: 30. P. Sedláček, 31. Martin Novák, 45. Werbik, 58. Süss, 60. Köhler – 13. J. Ondráček, 39. Bittner. Referee: Kubicík, Kosnar – Štofa, Beneš. Exclusion: 9:9. Usage: 1:2. Spectators: 1752. Sokolov – Vsetín 4:1 (0:0, 2:0, 2:1) Goals: 23. D. Novotný, 34. V. Tomeček, 51. Weinhold, 60. Kverka – 46. M. Dědek . Referee: Petružalek, Micka – Kokrment, Belko. Exclusion: 3:2. No use. Spectators: 654. Znojmo – Prostějov 2:4 (2:1, 0:1, 0:2) Goals: 5. Berger, 8. Šťovíček – 13. J. Veselý, 36. J. Pohl, 43. V. Burian , 50. L. Forman. Referee: Kostourek, Zeliska – Zídek, Augusta. Exclusion: 5:3. Usage: 1:1. Spectators: 1412. Pardubice B – Poruba 2:5 (0:2, 1:1, 1:2) Goals: 35. Herčík, 60. Lichtag – 4., 45. and 60. Berisha, 4. and 26. P Frost. Referee: Maršálek, Mejzlík – Bezděk, Peluha. Exclusion: 2:4. Usage: 1:0. Viewers: 379.1.Poruba3423632126:71842.Vsetín34203011114:87663.Prostějov34174112107:91604.Třebíč3415361093:89575.Sokolov3415431293:79566.Litoměřice331622 13106:104547.Zlín3413371186:88528.Jihlava3312621388:91509.Pardubice B3411341688:954310.Přerov349631670:894211.Kolín3310351567:844112.Frýdek -Místek349251880:983613.Slavia Praha348351886:1113514.Znojmo339132079:10632
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