KV Oostende Advances to Belgian Cup Semi-Finals After Victory Over RWDM

  • 12′ – Geel – Florian Le Joncour
  • 27′ – Goal – Ewan Henderson (1 – 0)
  • 60′ – Goal – Brent Laes (2 – 0)
  • 67′ – Verv. Florian Le Joncour door Djovkar Doudaev
  • 67′ – Cont. Carlos Alberto by Mickaël Biron
  • 71′ – Geel – Romildo
  • 73′ – Yellow – Abner
  • 74′ – Verv. Daniel Perez door David Atanga
  • 80′ – Verv. Robbie D’Haese door Andy Musayev
  • 81′ – Geel – Ilay Camara
  • 84′ – Verv. Abner door Youssouf Koné
  • 89′ – Geel – Makhtar Gueye
  • 90+2′ – Geel – Djovkar Doudaev
  • 90+2′ – Cont. Mohamed Berte by Luis Hartwig
  • Croky Cup – matchday 1 – 17/01/24 – 20:17



    Ewan Henderson


    Ewan Henderson

    1 – 0


    Brent Laes


    Brent Laes

    2 – 0

    The crisis has been forgotten for a while at KV Oostende. After a new stunt against RWDM, the troubled coastal team is actually in the semi-finals of the Belgian Cup. Henderson first punished a blunder by goalkeeper Hubert, and on the hour Laes made it 2-0. Will KVO soon provide a miracle course towards the final despite the misery?

    KV Oostende – RWDM in a nutshell:

    • Key moment: In the final phase, RWDM comes awfully close to the tying goal. Gueye beats goalkeeper Gabriel on a cross from Dwomoh, but Medley is able to turn the header just before the goal line. The 2-1 remains out, just like a possibly crazy final phase.
    • Man of the match: Brent Laes made the troubled KVO supporters coo with joy once again. On the hour mark, he delivered a wonderful kick high into the goal to make it 2-0. The culmination of his strong match, in which he ran his heart out.
    • Striking: Three years in a row, KV Oostende’s cup story ended in the 1/8th finals. Now the coastal team is in the semi-finals, just like five years ago. Then they only lost after penalties against KAA Gent.

    Hubert flatters against ex-team

    It has recently become painfully clear that the KVO ship under the American flag is taking on water on all sides. Supporters of the coastal team even held a symbolic funeral last weekend. Interim coach Michiel Jonckheere called it a day and chairman Frank Dierckens also resigned with pain in his heart.

    Not ideal circumstances for the debut of brand new KVO coach Jamath Shoffner. After a weak opening phase, the American was probably shocked like everyone else when KV Oostende took the lead out of nowhere just before the half hour. Thanks to Hubert. The ex-KVO goalkeeper completely misjudged Henderson’s harmless long shot.

    A windfall for the troubled KVO, a downer for RWDM. The visitors also failed to raise their level after conceding a goal. The Brussels team did not get any further than wild shots from Camara and Gueye.

    Laes brings troubled KVO fans into ecstasy

    With substitutes Sanchez and Mboup in the team, RWDM showed a different face at the start of the second half. The power play resulted in a dangerous shot from Mboup, but Gabriel went flat.

    Ostend did not crack under the pressure and struck again mercilessly on the hour mark. After a nice one-two on the right flank, Decoene, who broke through, delivered the ball well and Laes blasted the 2-0 into the goal.

    RWDM then showed itself to be a chaotic mess again, without cohesion. On the other hand, it was Hubert who had to show his skills on attempts by D’Haese and Medley. Still, it became exciting for KVO in the final phase when Gueye got the better of Gabriël, but Medley was able to turn the header just before the line.

    No tying goal and therefore no more crazy final phase. Ostend did not lose the qualification and, just like five years ago, is in the semi-finals of the cup. A great sporting boost in the middle of the financial crisis. There was no doubt about the outburst of joy in the Diaz Arena.


    Phase by phase


    Amid all the financial problems, a great sporting boost for KV Oostende. The coastal team is pulling off a new cup stunt and is now eliminating a third first division team after Eupen and Racing Genk with RWDM. Just like five years ago, it is in the semi-finals of the cup. KVO will compete against OH Leuven or Antwerp.

    The loot has been received for Ostend. Laes even pushes for a third goal for the home team, but Hubert is at the appointment.

    Medley takes the tying goal off the line!

    Suddenly it becomes very warm for Ostend. Gueye catches Gabriel on a cross from Dwomoh, but Medley is able to turn the header just before the goal line. At RWDM they saw the ball over the line, but De Cremer does not comment on it. Gueye even gets a yellow card for protesting.

    Ostend comes up again. Wylin is launched and lashes out after a nice chest check, but his attempt ends up in the side net.

    Koné is also dropped into the fray at RWDM, but for the time being all changes made by coach Caçapa have no effect. Ostend is getting closer to a place in the semi-finals of the cup.

    The countdown is on for everyone who cares about Ostend. At RWDM there is no coherence in the chaotic mess. Something always goes wrong in the interplay.

    Tom Boudeweel on Radio 1

    Yellow for Camara

    Camara takes Berte down. He also received a yellow card.

    Is there anything left in the tank at RWDM? Time is slowly running out for the visitors. Apart from Mboup’s dangerous shot, RWDM was also underpowered in the second half.

    Another fresh force for Ostend. Musayev comes between the lines, D’Haese can rest.

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