Jorge Soler: A Cuban Star on and off the Field

Since his arrival to Major League Baseball (MLB) in 2014, Jorge Soler has become one of the best Cuban exponents that the North American rental circuit has, especially last season when he managed to hit 36 ​​home runs with Miami Marlins and participated for the first time in a Stars gamejust two years after having been MVP from World Seriesl with Atlanta Braves.

But not only in sports does life smile for Jorge Soler, as he is happily married to the Cuban woman as well. Leydis Serranowith whom he has a bond that spans 20 years and has a pair of children, Jorley and Leysa Soler, who can usually be seen supporting their father during football matches. Big leagues.

Jorge Soler and Leydis, a consolidated relationship

He Miami Fashion Week It is the second largest fashion event in USAafter NYso the presence of Leydisthe wife of Jorge Soler marks the relevance that both he and she have within the society of Miami.

Meanwhile, the player is still in free agency, although according to the numbers he left in 2023 it would not be surprising if he gets a million-dollar contract that will make him continue to establish himself as a great star of the MLB.

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