Gutová won the giant slalom at Kronplatz and is celebrating her forty-second triumph in the WC

Gutová-Behramiová dominated in the first run and carried a lead of 59 hundredths ahead of Alice Robinson from New Zealand and 68 hundredths ahead of Olympic champion Sara Hector from Sweden into the second round. She managed the position of the favorite in a famous way: in total, she had more than a second to spare on the two nearest rivals. Robinson and Hector shared second place.

The 32-year-old Swiss woman celebrated her fifth championship this season, her third in the giant slalom, from which she still does not have a small crystal globe. After eight out of 11 races, the former world champion has 85 points to her credit in this discipline. In addition, she did not find the conqueror for the second time in a row, as she won the super-G in Cortina d’Ampezzo on Sunday.

In the historical ranking of the most successful female skiers, with her 42nd triumph, she reached sixth place with Sweden’s Anja Pärson, only Vreni Schneider was better from Switzerland with 55 wins. Record holder Shiffrin (95) will not start in Italy due to a minor knee injury she suffered in Friday’s downhill in Cortina. The season is already over for Vlhová after a heavy fall at home in Jasná.

The 28-year-old Jelínková scored points in three of the last four giant slaloms of the SP, ten days ago in Jasná she was twenty-eighth. The Brno native was only two bars away from advancing to the second round, but by a relatively significant 41 hundredths of a second.

The women’s ski world cup will not continue until February 10 in Soldeu, Andorra, as the weekend’s speed races in Garmisch-Partenkirchen were canceled due to the unfavorable weather forecast.

WC in downhill skiing at Kronplatz (Italy): Women – giant slalom: 1. Gutová-Behramiová (Switzerland) 2:00.64 (1:00.48+1:00.16)2. Hector (Sweden) -1.09 (1:01.16+1:00.57) and Robinson (N.Zel.) -1.09 (1:01.07+1:00.66)4. Mowinckelová (Nor.) -1.23 (1:01.25+1:00.62)5. Goggia -1.39 (1:01.90+1:00.13)6. Brignoneová (both It.) -1.45 (1:01.32+1:00.77)…in the 1st round 32. JELÍNKOVÁ (ČR) 1:03.43 Current ranking of the giant slalom (after 8 of 11 races ): 1. Gutová-Behramiová 5852. Brignonová 5003. Hectorová 4524. Shiffrinová (USA) 4295. Robinsonová 3326. Grenierová (Can.) 327…45. JELÍNKOVÁ 9Current standings of the WC (after 26 out of 41 races): 1. Shiffrinová 12092. Gutová-Behramiová 11143. Brignonová 8784. Vlhová (SR) 8025. Goggiaová 7926. Hectorová 727…61. LEDECKÁ 7662. DUBOVSKÁ (both Czech Republic) 73111. JELÍNKOVÁ 9
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