Is Super Bowl LVIII Fixed? The Theory Involving Taylor Swift, Joe Biden, and the Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs reached the Super Bowl again, this time, in a campaign where other teams were ranked as favorites above them, in the American Conference. They will face the San Francisco 49ers next Sunday, February 11 in Las Vegas.

The Chiefs’ season has been on the radar of any field fan, but also of those who enjoy Taylor Swift’s music. The singer maintains a love relationship with tight end Travis Kelce and that has become the trending topic in the NFL.

However, a theory has now emerged involving Taylor Swift and current US President Joe Biden. In short, the Super Bowl is said to be set for the Kansas City Chiefs. As? We explain it to you.

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The theory that Super Bowl LVIII is fixed

The former candidate for the presidency of the United States, Vivek Ramaswamy, was the one who pointed out the possible “fix” of Super Bowl LVIII. The Republican assured that the romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift is false, since it only remains that way so that the Chiefs win the Vince Lombardi.
And what does that have to do with Joe Biden? Well, the same theory indicates that, if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl with Taylor Swift’s image as the main one, it would make it possible for the current president of the United States to also win the next elections.

Taylor Swift has not publicly supported Joe Biden in these elections, but in 2020 she already did so, when she faced Donald Trump. In that year, curiously, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers also reached the Super Bowl. On that occasion, Andy Reid’s team came back in the final minutes to take the victory.

Redfield & Wilton Strategies conducted a survey in early January 2024, finding that 18% say they are “more likely” to vote for a candidate endorsed by Taylor Swift. It was conducted among 1,500 people eligible to vote and 45% of them declared themselves fans of the singer.

Taylor Swift’s impact on the NFL

Since the romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce was confirmed, the sale of the player’s jersey has increased almost 400%, while tickets to Chiefs games have practically tripled.

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