Friday Logins: Tips and Answers for January 26th Connections Puzzle

Friday Logins is available for fans of the game and we have tips and answers completely spoiled for those who might need a little help.

On January 26, there will be a brand new Connections puzzle to solve and today’s answers shouldn’t be too difficult for most players. The Friday Connections groupings aren’t as extreme as they have been in recent days and at least two categories in today’s game should happen fairly easily.

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Tips on the Connections of the Day category

January 26 #229

Before we completely spoil today’s Connections answers, we wanted to provide a few clues in the form of the title of each color category. Ranked from simplest to trickiest, based on the game’s ranking system.

Baseball equipment

Hard blow

Original Monopoly Tokens

____ Lapland

Answers to Today’s Connections

January 26 #229

If the categories aren’t enough to help you solve today’s riddle, you can see the full answers for each group below.

Baseball equipment





This was absolutely one of the easiest groupings because everything really seemed connected. A simple grouping like this is the perfect way to start a daily game of Connections.

Hard blow





Another fairly simple grouping, LICK is certainly no longer a common term in the modern era, but it still makes sense here. STRIKE also stood out a bit from this group because it fit nicely into the idea of ​​baseball, but not the idea of ​​equipment.

Related 5-letter words that Wordle hasn’t used yet (updated daily) Wordle, the popular word guessing game hosted by The New York Times, has more than 1,700 words remaining as possible solutions.

Original Monopoly Tokens



Top hat


As huge board game fans, this group immediately stood out. Once we saw THIMBLE and TOP HAT, the others quickly appeared. Always choose DICE.

____ Lapland





Another category that just makes sense, nothing too extreme in today’s Connections, but sometimes a simpler set of groupings makes for a good start to the day.


Released June 12, 2023

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Éditeur(s) The New York Times Company

Genre(s) Puzzle

Plateforme(s) ESRB E iOS , Android , PC

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