Cultural Leonesa de Baloncesto Maintains Solo Leadership with Dominant Win Over Culleredo

A Cultural of less more shows that it wants to be a solo leader. The Leonese culminated a comfortable match in which they only suffered in the first quarter to give way to a recital in which Culleredo took the game long

The Cultural Leonesa de Baloncesto did not want any surprises against the eighth placed team, CB Culleredo, to remain the sole leader for one more day.

A very good atmosphere in the San Esteban Pavilion, due to the works on the Sports Palace, welcomed the Leonese team.


O. Okafor (13), R. Fabrega Urpina (16), F. Copes (20), S. Martinez Fernandez (4), R. Llamas Martinez (7) – initial five – E. A Nongo (2), P Cabañeros Morala, A. Gonzalez Cordero (2), M. Dominguez Iturza (13), D. Bulto Castillo, O. Gonzalez De La Peña (12), M. Botas Fernandez (2)




F. Vidal Patiño (6), D. William (14), R. Espinoza (5), Corbacho De La Cruz (11), A. Stikuts (7) – starting five – A. Añon Dosil (4), C. Añon Dosil (4), B. Morcillo Fernandez (6), M. Iglesias Valderrama, A. Fernández García-Garabal, S. López Freire

  • Partials 13-17, 40-27, 70 – 42, 91-57

  • Referees Isidoro Sánchez Tardaguila, Iago Leal López.

  • San Esteban Pavilion Incidents. Matchday 16 of the AB group of the EBA League.

La Cultural went out onto the field with good basket success but without managing to get away from the rival team on the scoreboard. F. Copes was superb in the early stages of the first quarter, scoring five points, which meant that the Leonese were always ahead on the scoreboard.

In the last minutes of the first quarter, the local team relaxed, a situation that the Galicians took advantage of to get ahead on the scoreboard. Given the lack of ideas, Luis Castillo called for time out. Cultural Leonesa was not able to score in the final moments but benefited from the fact that the rivals were not fortunate in shooting the basket either. At the end of the first quarter, Cultural was five down on the scoreboard.

Second bedroom

At the beginning of the second quarter the game had to be stopped for a few moments because the basket in which Cultural was scoring had to be relocated because it had moved during a game. Once again F. Copes defeated the local team to return the score to a tie (17-17). It was Copes himself who, after a triple with an additional free throw, turned the score around.

Cultural extended the advantage, reaching 24-17 at halftime, and confirming the line from less to more that the local team has taken in which Castillo managed to solve the attacking problems.

The visiting team called a time-out and when the game started the same trend continued and the lead on the scoreboard increased. The defensive work was rewarded by the successes in attack after two triples in a row that put the score at 31-19, the maximum advantage so far.

The fans have already begun to enjoy the game and lose their initial nerves. 27 Cultural scored, returning to the numbers to which its fans are accustomed to putting a plus 13 on the scoreboard 40-27.

Third quarter

At the beginning of the third quarter, Cultural already found the comfort that it had established in the second quarter to continue expanding the advantage by making highly precise collective plays. In A comfort that Roger Fabrega and Copes took advantage of to not miss their three-point shots, performing a magnificent performance. The Galicians called for a timeout due to a difference of 24 points in favor of the Leonese (56-32).

Luis Castillo’s men continued to do their thing and the scoring dynamic infected all the players, producing the best minutes of the match against a Culleredo team, as the match was beginning to drag on.

At the end of the third quarter the score was 70-42 with a good performance by O. Okafor.


The last quarter was a mere formality in which players with fewer minutes took the field. But that did not reduce the intensity, rather Luis Castillo’s team continued making good plays, showing that less common players also want to earn a place in decisive moments.

With time up, the score was 91-57 and made Luis Castillo’s team think about the next match, which will be against Mundioma Marín Ence Peixegalego.

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