A Difficult New Year’s Eve for Beatrice Luzzi at Big Brother

A New Year’s Eve to forget Beatrice Luzzi al Big Brother. In fact, following the last stormy episode of the reality show, during the classic dinner on December 31st, the actress experienced a very difficult moment; so, she decided to isolate herself from the rest of the group. Apparently the spark was set off by the behavior of Grecia Colmenares and Rosy Chin, two tenants with whom Luzzi, until recently, seemed to get along.

The isolation of Beatrice Luzzi

As anticipated, everything happened during the evening of December 31st, when Beatrice after the toast of New Year’s he decided to leave the set table to distance himself from the group. At that point, therefore, the Eva Bonelli of Live, alone in the room, would have experienced a moment of discouragement. “She has the whole House against her, I don’t know how to console her. He cannot expect to attack everyone and that everyone takes it wellsaid Fiordaliso who has always been close to her, commenting on the story with Marco Maddaloni and Vittorio Menozzi. “I’m sorry that we’re all out and she’s not here, it would be nice to be together on December 31st”, replied the Judo champion. And again, he added the model: “In my opinion she needs to become aware of a couple of things, then you’ll see that she’ll live happily”.

The words of Beatrice Luzzi

To express her discomfort, Beatrice chose to vent with one of the contestants who has lived the least in the Cinecittà House. We are talking about Greta Rossetti; Luzzi tried to explain to her the reason why she didn’t live New Year’s Eve peacefully together with her adventure companions. “I couldn’t share such an important and beautiful moment with some people in here, which I did for many months, forgiving and moving on. I can not anymore”, the actress revealed. Then, her confession: “I can’t say anything, I have to be careful, any excuse is good to make me black. I’m castrated”. In short, apparently, the queen of hearts of this edition seems to feel blocked due to the fear that someone could turn against her.

The staff statement

It is now well established that Luzzi is one of the absolute protagonists of this edition. It is no coincidence that Beatrice has a very solid fandom outside the House that is ready to defend her in front of everything and everyone. Exactly as happened before the New Year’s Eve episode. In recent days, in fact, her supporters have accused Beatrice’s family and staff of not intervening in such a delicate moment for the competitor. However, through X’s official profile, the staff issued a statement aimed at appeasing “the superfluous controversies”. “To calm the albeit superfluous controversies that are infesting the posts on various social media in recent days, we are forced to clarify once again that Beatrice Luzzi’s family and staff support her every day from all points of view, working elbow to elbow”, we read in the press release. Then, he continues: “Beatrice’s every gesture and reaction are the subject of reflection and, where necessary, a request for clarification from the programme’s authors, who promptly answer our questions about the events that happen in the house. The staff, obviously, also includes a lawyer who can best evaluate any legal implications and complications”.

But it didn’t end there, because in the staff note there was also a broadside for those who would be defending the actress for personal purposes: “The social campaigns of so-called friends of Beatrice who ask to enter the house to help her make us smile, but less and less. These people play with the right emotions of the public, exploiting them to gain visibility”. It’s still: Beatrice on Big Brother is showing all her potentialby her exclusive will, with the determination that distinguishes her”. Finally it reads: “E it doesn’t need any intervention by characters who aim exclusively at half an hour in front of the Big Brother prime time audience, which obviously involves whoever they want in the broadcast, at the discretion of the authors”. In short, all we have to do is wait for the episode on Monday 8 January to find out what Luzzi will think of this “turbulent” New Year’s Eve.

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