5 goals for the Rossoneri. During the season he averages a goal every two games

ROME From Milan at Milan, a group has already passed. Lukaku he looks back and doesn’t regret the choice he made in the summer. It’s true that the season has taken an unexpected turn but it’s still yet to be written. For him and for Roma. Tomorrow he returns to San Siro, his home. It will be another derby (he scored 5 times in 9 games against the Rossoneri) in a few days and after losing the Roman one, going out defeated against Milan too doesn’t suit him much. It’s up to him to revive Roma. With Dybala stopped again due to muscular overload and in doubt whether or not to leave for Milan, Mourinho he clings to his giant. Which on a numerical level cannot be denied: 8 goals in 16 matches in Serie A which becomes 14 in 25 when adding the Italian Cup and the Europa League. Yet for a month he no longer seems like himself. Of course, there was no shortage of goals (the one that qualified for the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup with Cremonese, for example) but in the last four matches Romelu has struggled. To play with their backs to the goal, to obtain spaces, to help the team move forward, to encourage the insertion of their teammates but above all to finish on goal. It’s clear that the team’s asphyxiated maneuver doesn’t help him but Big Rom was also used to inventing goals. He tried on Wednesday, with an overhead kick in the 97th minute in the derby: too much, even for him.

Dybala, how is he? No injury for the Argentine, just a flexor overload


Tomorrow Milan ends the terrible cycle. Lukaku looks tired and it couldn’t be otherwise. He always plays, Mou never gives up. Ninety minutes, always and in any case (rested only against Bologna, because he was disqualified after the red card against Fiorentina) for a total of 2036 minutes (excluding recoveries) since he arrived. Whether we play against Juventus who are competing for the Scudetto against Inter or against Cremonese, fifth in Serie B, 9 points behind leaders Parma, giving up Romelu for the Special is not an option. San Siro needs a ring, one of his. So far in big matches he has only had an impact against Napoli.

Mourinho, for Roma it is year zero: the coach is increasingly in the balance after the poor results

Then he disappointed in the two derbies, against Juventus and Inter. And the old refrain of the Belgian missing important appointments, so dear to his detractors, is back in circulation. This is why the match against Milan has double importance. For Roma, which must somehow emerge from the gloomy post-derby in which it ended up (yesterday, after a long time, a banner was put up outside Trigoria where the players were addressed as mercenaries, not deserving of wearing the yellow-red shirt) and for Romelu. If there is a possibility, as faint as you like, of trying to confirm it in some way (despite Chelsea’s 43 million seem impossible to satisfy today), it is to get to the Champions League. And despite the eighth place in the standings, the 29 points collected so far (average 1.5), the final projection of 58, the worst first round since 2004-05 and the elimination from the Italian Cup, fourth place is there, at your fingertips. Four points are nothing with 19 games to play. Especially if you have people like Lukaku in your squad.


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