Zenryoku for Levanga Hokkaido: Donating Basketball for Children’s Sports Experience

Thank you for your continued support of Zenryoku for Levanga Hokkaido.

On December 5th, as part of the Levanga Hokkaido SDGs project “LEVANGA ACTION”, with the cooperation of Takeyama Co., Ltd., we donated a total of 20 basketballs to two elementary schools in Sapporo City. I’ll enjoy having this.

In the future, we will continue to donate basketballs to various locations throughout Hokkaido with the aim of popularizing basketball, improving children’s athletic abilities, and having them use it for sports experience.

Ball donation details

Donation school

Sapporo City Minamishiroishi Elementary School / Soen Elementary School

Regarding basketball donation activities to elementary and junior high schools throughout Hokkaido

The basketball donation campaign was carried out with the aim of having children use it in physical education classes to improve their athletic ability and knowledge of sports, given the limited budget for purchasing school equipment. These are activities aimed at achieving the goal of the item.

③ Health and welfare for everyone
④ High-quality education for everyone

Basketball donation project partner

Takeyama Co., Ltd.


Levanga Hokkaido is implementing “LEVANGA ACTION” as part of SDGs activities.

This activity is a social contribution project that strives to solve regional and social issues with the slogan “Give Hokkaido the best of tomorrow.” It is a social contribution project that strives to solve regional and social issues. Our goal is to create a sustainable and better world that the SDGs aim for, with the help of the local community.

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