CIAMPINO Celebrates 50 Years as an Autonomous Municipality: A Year of Celebrations and Historical Reflection

Published: Wednesday, 06 December 2023 – events editorial staff

CIAMPINO (current events) – The 50th anniversary of the autonomous municipality

It was 18 December 1974 when Ciampino was established as an autonomous municipality.

To celebrate this important anniversary, the municipal administration is planning an entire year of celebrations which will start on 18 December 2023 with the award ceremony of the City of Ciampino Award and the official presentation of the logo dedicated to the 50th anniversary.

To tell half a century of history, the Municipality turns to all its citizens by asking them for historical images of Ciampino. The materials received by 17 December 2023 to the Municipality at the Communications Office or sent by email to the address This email address is protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , will be selected, cataloged and collected in a historic photographic calendar for the year 2024.

You are also asked to provide as much information as possible: dates, places, names, to ensure that each shot tells its own story. All material, after being digitized, will be returned to the owner.

“We trust that participation in this initiative will be numerous – comments Mayor Emanuela Colella – to create another step in the deepening of the historical and cultural identity of Ciampino. A way to restore the memory of 50 years of history of our beloved town through the memories of each of us. Thanks, from now on, go to anyone who can contribute to the recovery of an important piece of the history of Ciampino and its territory.”

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