Yusupha Konteh: Making an Impact on and off the Pitch

Yusupha Konteh he trains hard. He wants to “snatch” more and more space and minutes. He will take the field together with his teammates on Sunday at 6pm at home, at PalaCalafiore against Cus Catania.

“It’s going very well. I really like this team: we are friends on and off the pitch and there is a lot of solidarity between us. I like the city, the climate, it’s similar to my Africa, not with that heat, but it’s nice. I love Calabrian food, in short, I feel really good.”

The latest release?

“With Siaz Piazza Armerina we won a great match. We were aware of how difficult it was and we managed to get through.”

A thought on the Coach and the team spirit he mentioned. What do you think about it?

“The coach is right in considering us a group, not individuals. There is a lot of solidarity, we train well together. There are those who take rebounds and those who do the dirty work, those who pass the ball well and those who score baskets: only in this way can you win. Federico Cigarini is going strong for this reason: he puts everything he has into it, he is very motivated and transmits energy to us.”

Cus Catania?

“The return round begins, nothing is taken for granted. We want to do better than the first round. It’s true that we only lost two games, but it’s also true that we always want to improve.”

My favorite companions?

“Everyone but I have to admit that I get on very well with both Omar Seck and Timmy Aguzzoli.”

The return of people to the Palasport?

“It’s not random. It’s programmed. From us, who put our heart and soul into every training session and every match and from the club which, from day one, had a clear idea of ​​what needed to be done to rekindle the “flame”. It is the planning of a job carried out with attention to the smallest details.”

2023-12-09 13:44:07
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