New Leadership and Vision for Godo Baseball: Iday Abreu Ruiz Takes the Helm

The management, with the players and technicians of Godo Baseball, met in the hall of the Godo civic center. President Carlo Naldoni welcomed those present, introducing the key themes of the day. Vice President Alessandra Soprani illustrated the sport reform, while sports director Attilio Casadio presented the new FIBS championship formula and announced an important innovation for the next season: Stefano Naldoni, manager of Godo Baseball who contributed to the successes and the development of the team over the last three years, passes the baton to Iday Abreu Ruiz, already a member of the technical staff in the last season, highlighting the continuity and experience in the leadership process.

Iday shared his team vision with the players, instilling positive energy for the season ahead. The management of Godo thanks Stefano, hoping that his personal commitments will allow him to continue working with Godo.

2023-12-09 14:20:14
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