World Cup in Östersund: Doll: German biathlon dream start takes “stress away from the team”

World Cup in Östersund Doll: German biathlon dream start takes “stress away from the team”

Benedikt Doll took third place with the biathlon relay in Östersund. photo

© Pontus Lundahl/TT News Agency/AP/dpa

It also works without Denise Herrmann-Wick. The German biathletes are permanent guests on the podium at the start of the season. They wear a reason for this on their feet.

The dream start to the World Cup winter ensures composure among the German biathletes. “It’s definitely an entry that takes the stress away from the team,” said former world champion Benedikt Doll to the German Press Agency in Östersund.

With the German men’s relay team, the 33-year-old achieved his sixth podium place in third place in the sixth race of the season. Hardly anyone thought the best start in eight years was possible after Denise Herrmann-Wick’s resignation.

“In terms of running, we are definitely doing really well as a team with the men, and at the shooting range we have also taken a step forward in fast shooting,” said Doll. Nevertheless, there is still potential to do even better in the coming weeks. In the individual, Roman Rees was the winner last Sunday and even secured the yellow jersey of the overall World Cup leader, while teammate Justus Strelow also surprisingly came second. The duo was slightly injured in the relay, but they could be back at the start on Saturday (2.45 p.m./ZDF and Eurosport).

“A huge reason is the good skis”

“Especially a double podium in the individual twice is brutally strong,” said David Zobel. The women also made it onto the podium twice with Franziska Preuß (2nd) and Vanessa Voigt (3rd) before the relay in central Sweden also achieved third place. What is the secret of German success? “A huge reason is the good skis,” said Zobel: “Without good skis you can’t achieve such results. So far, the right people have always delivered good performance at the right moment.”

The ban on fluoro wax had caused a lot of headaches before the start of the season, but since the first race the preparation of the skis has been going well. “We have a certain basic level, and we have the basis for that with good material,” said Philipp Nawrath in an interview with dpa: “It’s just fun when you realize that you’re getting along well.”

Even ahead of the overpowering Norwegians, who still won the relay at the end, the German quartet was ahead in the early stages. “These are important statements that you are making and we would like to keep them that way,” said Nawrath: “We would like to continue to move forward with a broad chest.”




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