‘What Riquelme is doing is much worse than what Passarella did to River’

Macri: “What Riquelme is doing is much worse than what Passarella did to River”


The candidate for vice president for the Boca opposition, Mauricio Macri, after repudiating the threats to the judge who is hearing the Boca elections, denounced that his daughter Antonia also “received similar abuse through social networks”within the framework of the tough confrontation that his formula is carrying out in which he supports Andrés Ibarra against the official duo led by Juan Román Riquelme together with Jorge Ameal.

“I want to know who was the person who abused and threatened my daughter on social media. I filed a complaint with the courts to find out who did it, but it’s not against anyone precisely because we don’t know.”Macri said during a press conference held this afternoon with the presidential candidate, Andrés Ibarra, at the Abasto hotel in the City of Buenos Aires.

“And as for Juan Román Riquelme, I tell him that if his ass is clean, he purges the registry and removes the 13,000 active members who are extra, and then we hold the elections on December 17, which is the last date we have left. this year,” he shot.

Photo: Alfredo Luna.
Macri stressed that the opposition does not want “trick patterns” and that Riquelme wants to lead Boca to the same collapse “that Daniel Passarella caused when he was president of River,” and added: “What we are experiencing is much worse than what Passarella did to River”.

“Because Boca today is taken over by Riquelme and his brother Cristian. The demonstration he organized the other day was led by the Kirchnerist leadership and he was escorted by the brava group,” he pointed out.

Furthermore, “those who denounced Cristian Riquelme were Boca fans who were harmed by the filter and the resale of tickets. And Román didn’t know this?” he asked.

Photo: Alfredo Luna.
Then he said that “this sporting year was catastrophic for Boca, losing a great captain like Carlos Izquierdoz to begin with. And as for the 28,000,000 dollars that Riquelme said there is a surplus, it is a lie, because it is not money but documents to be collected”.

For his part, Ibarra responded to Riquelme about the 51,000 members who joined in Daniel Angelici’s eight years in office and in this regard he maintained that “In reality they were not in that number, but the correct one is 29,000, something normal in that entire period of time.“.

“But also now Justice would have to clearly frame how the decisions that must be made will be made if the elections are held in March or April of next year. Because it is a lie that we want intervention,” he argued.

The opposition formula: Ibarra-Macri / Photo: Alfredo Luna.
And it must be clarified that the current directive has expired mandate and we must then see how to move forward in that condition.. Because as Macri said, I insist that we will have to see what Justice says about the roadmap to be adopted in case the election happens next year. You have to be very careful with what is decided during this time of transition,” Ibarra warned.

While the conference was going on, About 200 supporters of the official formula demonstrated against the opposition with chants and demands for “elections now.”

Photo: Alfredo Luna.
This Wednesday the Civil Chamber that is hearing this case rejected the challenge to Judge Abrevaya made by the ruling party and the judge intends to continue with this task, so now the “xeneize” opposition will have 24 hours to give the reasons why considers that the appeal request made by the current Boca board of directors is unfounded.

Therefore, if the appeal presented by the ruling party is invalidated, voting will be possible on December 17, but if not, the elections would go directly to March or April of next year.

The fans who support Riquelme went to the hotel where the Ibarra-Macri duo gave the press conference / Photo: Alfredo Luna.
Later, already in TyC Sports, Macri revealed that in the event that he arrives with Ibarra to lead the club, he offered “Guillermo Barros Schelotto to be Boca’s manager.”

In recent days Martín Palermo, a friend of “Mellizo”, confirmed that he will be the “xeneize” coach if the opposition formula prevails. Riquelme, meanwhile, has not yet revealed who his candidate will be.

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