Luis Suárez delivers unforgettable performance, leaves memorable mark with Gremio

Last weekend, in their own home, Gremio fans said goodbye to Luis Suárez, as it was his last home game in Porto Alegre. However, there was still one final performance to give, and this took place at the Maracaná against Fluminense on the final day of the Brasileirao. On Wednesday night, the Uruguayan chose to channel a great version and delivered an unforgettable performance, scoring two magnificent goals to the delight of his fans. However, as a contrast, there was a strong clash between the Uruguayan and Felipe Melo that generated moments of tension.

In the context of matchday 38 of the Brazilian league, Gremio secured the victory with Suárez’s two goals, beating ‘Flu’ with a score of 3-2. The goals for the local team were scored by Jhon Arias (33′) and John Kennedy (80′). On the other hand, the goals for the visiting team were the work of Luis Suárez (42′ and 63′) and Everton Galdino (45′).

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However, one of the confrontations of the day was the duel between Pistolero and Melo. It happened around the 40th minute, when Fluminense led 1-0. At that moment, Felipe advanced towards Suárez’s field and, when the forward tried to receive the ball, the Brazilian went on top of him, committing a foul that provoked the Uruguayan’s angry reaction. This action caught the attention of the referee.

Later, after Gremio went ahead 2-1 thanks to a goal from Galindo, the latter held a celebration that was not to the liking of Melo, who approached to express his discontent. Given this situation, several Tricolor players approached to prevent any confrontation between them. Among those present was Luis Suárez, who in the midst of this situation, received a grab on the neck from Felipe.

With goals and a strong cross, Suárez says goodbye to Gremio leaving an impressive mark in statistical terms. In his total, of 53 games played, he managed to score 26 goals and offer 17 assists. At 37 years old, the forward has a clear destiny in the MLS. He is expected to sign a one-year contract with the possibility of extending it for another at Inter Miami, where his friend Lionel Messi plays.

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Luis Suárez lives an ordeal because of his knee

A few days ago, Luis Suárez spoke exclusively with 100% Deporte from his country and revealed unpublished details about the illness he is suffering from, which is caused by his battered knee. Although when we see him in the box he still has that inventiveness that led him to become one of the best forwards in the world and perhaps the best footballer in the history of Uruguay, he needs to infiltrate to feel better.

“What I feel is a constant sting in my knee. Luckily it doesn’t generate liquid because I couldn’t even move it, but it gets stuck and I can’t even bend it. The days before each game I take three pills and hours before playing I am injected with Voltarén (anti-inflammatory and analgesic). If not, I can’t play. Hence the limp,” he confessed on the Radio 890 Sport program.

Luis Suárez is very close to closing his signing for Inter Miami for 2024. (Photo: Getty Images)

Beyond how he feels physically, Luis Suárez’s intention is to continue playing, but not only for his profession, but because he is hungry to fight for titles. This virtue, the same one that has led him to have an enviable track record both at the club level and in the ‘Celeste’, is intact.

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