TuS Eichengrün Kamen Successfully Returns with Youth Judo Tournament After Four-Year Hiatus

Judo: First came Corona, then the water damage: After a long break of almost exactly four years, TuS Eichengrün Kamen has now successfully returned as an organizer of youth competitions. Around 160 judoka took part in the traditional Walter Gimm memorial tournament and presented the audience with exciting competitions. After such a long involuntary break, Mayor Elke Kappen and Olympic referee Stephan Bode created a celebratory setting for the first award ceremony of the day.

Of course, judoka from TuS Eichengrün Kamen were also active on the home mat. In the U11 age group, Maximilian Rasel competed in the -31 kg class and was able to leave the mat victorious twice. In two further fights he lost by the judges’ decision after a draw, so he took third place.
Jonathan Munier started in the -27 kg class, but was unable to prevail against his opponents that day. He also took third place.
Jonathan Schiereck competed in the -37 kg class and found himself in the final after a win in the first round. He narrowly lost this due to the judges’ decision, but was still very happy about the silver medal.
In the U13 age group, Lenny Szallnaß took 3rd place in the -40 kg class after putting in a strong performance in his three matches, but still had to admit defeat.
In the -34 kg class, Joel Scherer was eliminated from the tournament after two defeats. In addition to two defeats in the -46 kg class, Felix Lente also won one fight, so he achieved the bronze medal. In the -43 kg class, Titus Michel cut a good figure that day and was able to record one win in addition to two defeats, which meant he also achieved 3rd place.

In the U18 age group, Yannik Rasel started for the Kamen team in the -60 kg class. Despite a strong performance, he was unable to win that day, so he finished the tournament in 3rd place.
In the U15 age group, Marian Rasel was challenged in the -66 kg class. In addition to two defeats, he also managed two victories, securing the bronze medal.

The TuS Eichengrün Kamen is very satisfied with how the long-missed tournament went and is pleased to be able to regularly host judo competitions again.

Image line: TuS Eichengrün Kamen is hosting a junior tournament for the first time after a four-year break. On the right, Kamen’s mayor Elke Kappen at the award ceremony / Photo TuS Eichengrün.

2023-12-13 13:24:12
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