Top European Clubs Targeting Argentina U-17 Players at 2023 World Cup

CNN Indonesia

Tuesday, 05 Dec 2023 17:57 IWST

Claudio Echeverri is one of the Argentina U-17 players at the 2023 U-17 World Cup who is being targeted by top European clubs. (CNNIndonesia/Adi Ibrahim)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Three key players Argentina who appeared in 2023 U-17 World Cup reportedly being targeted by Manchester City and Chelsea.

The three players are Agustin Ruberto, Ian Subiabre, and team captain Claudio Echeverri. These three players were relied on by coach Diego Placente throughout the U-17 World Cup in Indonesia.

Ruberto and Echeverri are the two brightest Argentine players. Ruberto won the golden boot thanks to a collection of eight goals and Echeverri has shown his quality as a player who is predicted to be the successor to Lionel Messi in the Argentine national team.

Meanwhile, Subiabre is always relied on by Placente to cover the wing sector. Interestingly, these three players both play for River Plate, but only Echeverri has four caps with River Plate’s first team.

Reporting from 90min, Echeverri and Ruberto will turn 18 years old in January next year and thus move to foreign clubs. Man City and Chelsea are known to continue working to win the battle to get the signatures of these two players.

However, Man City is believed to be very confident of being able to land Ruberto, Echeverri and Subiabre. This cannot be separated from the good relationship between The Citizens and River Plate after bringing in Julian Alvarez in 2022.

Meanwhile, Subiabre will only be 18 years old in 2025. This means that the 16-year-old player still has to wait longer to have a career abroad.

Even though Man City and River Plate have a good relationship, Chelsea is reportedly ready to match any offer made by other clubs to River Plate’s wonderkid trio.



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