This is how the tunnel that ETA dug to end the life of Carrero Blanco is preserved

In ‘Horizonte’ We analyze some of the incognitos that still exist on the attack that ended the life of Carrero Blancowhen they are about to be fulfilled 50 years of the death of the politician.

He December 20th are fulfilled 50 years since the ETA attack that ended the life of Luis Carrero Blanco. In the one nicknamed as Operation Ogre by the terrorist group, the coach on which Carrero Blanco was mounted was thrown into the air due to the explosives, with such great force that he was able to jump over the building he was next to, some 20 metros.

One of the incognitos that still remain today is How was the excavation of the tunnel possible? in which the large load of explosives was placed, in the heart of Madrid.

Ernesto Villar and Manuel Cerdánexperts on the murder of Carrero Blanco, analyze this particular image: that of a cellar of a house where the beginning of the tunnel is still located today, because instead of covering it, they have maintained the initial shape of the tunnel and have placed a window. Furthermore, experts explain that the Housing can be rented online.

As part of the investigation and the unknowns, both highlight that it is strange that the location was so close to the United States Embassy or that he goalie of the building, which was a armed policeI don’t know they will notice at any time about what the terrorist organization was up to.


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