Jules Marie Aims for Australian Open Qualification with Kuwait Victory

Jules Marie is competing this week for $15,000 Zahraau Kuwaitwith the aim of grabbing a few points to reach the qualifications of theAustralian Open. Le Normand, 245th in the ATP (Editor’s note: he is virtual 237 counting the points of his final at Heraklion) has made his calculations and could join the qualifications of theAustralian Open in case of title to Kuwait. This week is the last to accumulate points before the official cut for the qualifiers of theAustralian Open. In fact, the points will be counted on December 18.

Jules Marie: “We’re really not far at all”

Designated seed number 1, Jules Marie opened Wednesday against the Qatari Yacoub Mohammed. A walk in the park: 6-1, 6-1 in 55 minutes. In the round of 16, he didn’t tremble much more against the Dutchman Deney Wasserman, 6-4, 2-1 by abandonment. This Friday, still carried by its mission, Marie outclassed the Luxembourger Alex Knaf in quarters, 6-2, 6-1. The situation is getting interesting. With this half, the Norman will move to 231st in the world on December 18. No doubt sufficient but a final and above all a title would ensure obtaining the ticket for Melbourne.

I have a lot of messages knowing how many points I am missing for Australia. We’re really not far at all, another 3-4 places more would be great. 3-4 more places = 1/2 in Kuwait“, he wrote on Instagram. In 2023, the “cut” to compete in the qualifications of the Australian Open was around 235th place in the world. But everything will depend on the number of withdrawals, also knowing that seven players used a protected ranking to be in the Australian big draw.

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