The Second Elban Palio delle Terre: A Historical Re-Enactment Success

Thursday 30 November 2023 – 12.45pm

The second Elban Palio delle Terre took place in Marciana Marina on Sunday 26 November where the teams representing the island in the Middle Ages with Terra di Ferraja, Terra di Marciana and Terra di Rio Longone and Caput Libervm, challenged each other.

Like every year, the athletes and historical re-enactors of the Great Falcon first performed in a procession with the children with drums and medieval costumes.

It all started in maximum safety with the ribbon, organized by the bow masters trained by the LAM (League of Medieval Archers) who compete throughout Italy to raise the name of the island.

The competition took place on 12 targets built specifically for this type of shooting.

Below are all the protagonists of the group: Filippo Peria known as Pippo, Leonardo Cafaro known as “without commitment”, Irene Peria, Tommaso Mazzi, Lorenzo Palella, Fabio Mazzi, Patrizio Bolano, Claudia Schezzini, Dora Cafaro known as “From now on I know all yellow”, Gioia Imbrisca, Flavio Manca, Bruno Battistini, Williams Cignoni, Natalia Cignoni, Serena Cignoni, Andrea Schezzini (Riese group accompanied as always by Anna Guidi), Luca Romano, Cristina Nicolai, Edoardo Ciomei, Melissa Ciomei, Sveva Giunchino , Melania Costanzo, Fresta Claudio and also the new arrivals from Montopoli di Azzurra and Alfonso Licalzi.

In the end, the basket of typical products was won by Terra di Ferraja, Terra di Marciana came second and Terra di Rio Longone Caput Libervm came third.

“I thank all the participants, the parents, those who lent themselves to the great work such as Domenico Giunchino, Paolo Peria, Erika Zani, Sara Lambardi and Paolo Imbrisca and to those who thought of the bureaucratic organization such as Claudia Schezzini and Erika Braschi. I thank ‘excellent lunch Annamaria Vai with her wonderful baked pasta which sold like hot cakes, Sara Lambardi and Erika Zani with their sausages and beans and to those who made the excellent desserts. A special thanks to the Municipality of Marciana Marina and to the Mayor Gabriella for having us given this opportunity, to the municipal offices responsible for the authorization that allowed us all this, to the municipal police of Marciana Marina, to the PA of Marciana Marina and to the people of Marina who appreciated our event. Honor and long life to the Great Hawk!” , concludes the president of the Archi del Grande Falco Patrizio Bolano.

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