Car Dispute Escalates to Violence: Man Attacked with Baseball Bat

Par Romaric Larue
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“It’s stupidity that could have gone very far,” admits a fifty-year-old, Thursday, December 7, at the bar of the Alençon criminal court. This resident of Nord-Sarthe attacked another man with a baseball bat, Wednesday July 12, 2023, in Carrouges (Orne).

A confusion surrounding the purchase of a car

The reason for the conflict? A car story. A car enthusiast, the defendant had his sights set on a luxury vehicle sold in the Paris region.

According to him, the victim, a “friend for X years”, would have quietly discredited him with the owner in order to overtake him. “He contacted the owner to tell him that I was a myth and that I couldn’t buy it. I took a bat to scare him and make him understand that I was not happy,” explains the 57-year-old man, who came to his home. “When I saw the famous car at his house, it just stuck in my head. »

Psychic injuries

The defendant then threatened the victim to hit him with the bat. But nothing more, he formally defends himself. “From there to taking action, it’s something else. I’m not mean. I didn’t touch anything except the garage door frame. »

For his part, the victim told investigators that he narrowly dodged a bat blow above his head. Three days of temporary work interruption (ITT) were prescribed to him. “We can be violent without touching the person, we can cause psychological harm. The victim was psychologically shocked, she is still extremely afraid today,” declared Amandine Bogaert, deputy prosecutor.

Responsible for an accident

The defendant, placed under guardianship and diagnosed as bipolar, was also prosecuted for another case. A month earlier, the fifty-year-old was responsible for an accident in Lonrai. He had hit a dirt embankment while following a road on the GPS that no longer exists.

Aggravating circumstances: he was driving without a license – lost in 2018 –, without insurance, without up-to-date technical inspection and he left later with the car, although it was immobilized by the gendarmes. ” It is not my fault. The road is poorly signposted. There are a lot of accidents and the mayor is annoyed because the signs have been removed. »

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Electronic detention

For all of these facts, the court sentenced him to ten months in prison, four of which were suspended. He will serve the sentence in home detention under electronic surveillance.

He will have to carry out 70 hours of community service (ITG) and is prohibited from going to Carrouges.

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