The Rise of Claudio Echeverri: River Plate’s New Star and European Interest

Claudio Echeverri, the figure of River and the Argentine U-17 team (AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim)

When he was shooting dribbles in the fields of Resistencia, Claudio Echeverri, the Little Devil, told his friends that his dream was to play for River Plate and the Argentine national team. In part, he has already fulfilled them: this year he debuted in the First Division of the team of which he is a fan and added 72 minutes in four games; and he was one of the figures of the U-17 team in the World Cup in Indonesia. He still has to play in the Major League later. Today he is the youth player from the millionaire quarry that the fans most want to see in the main team: Echeverri is an illusion, a hope that River can have its own Messi.

But in River, at the leadership level, there is concern about the Echeverri issue. The reason? He has a contract until December 2024 and the club learned that Enzo Montepaone, the youth representative, comments quietly that he will take him to a big team in Europe by June at the latest.

It is not the only issue that worries the Monumental offices. In reality, at River they say they have a verbal agreement with Montepaone to renew Echeverri’s contract when he returns from Indonesia and to increase the amount of the termination clause, which today is 25,000,000 euros, which becomes 30,000. ,000 of that currency in the last ten days before the closing of the pass book. At River they want to increase his clause to 50,000,000 euros, which would make him the most sought-after member of the squad (today the highest clauses, of 30,000,000 euros, are those of Facundo Colidio and the youth player Franco Mastantuono, also a member of the U-17 team).

Diablito Echeverri (Foto: gettyimages)

What then is the drawback? That in River they fear that the footballer’s agent will once again put obstacles in the way of renewing the contract. At the time, there were many twists and turns before, on January 2 of this year, the kid signed a contract with the club until December 2024.

At that time, the player’s representative imposed his position of signing for two years and not three, as River wanted. Given the very good U-17 World Cup played by Echeverri, who scored the three goals in the 3-0 defeat of Brazil in the quarterfinals, River suspects that they may have problems agreeing on the terms of the renewal and of the increase in the clause.

“We do not notice any good predisposition or intentions that River can enjoy the player,” they say quietly from the leadership.

In return, River understands that Echeverri’s fanaticism for the club is a card that plays in favor of the leadership and the fans’ desire to see him for a long time in the red band shirt.

Claudio Echeverri celebrates his goal against Japan in the U-17 World Cup. (Photo: Pakawich Damrongkiattisak – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

In Europe, the media claim that three big clubs from that continent want it: Real Madrid, Manchester City and Milan. From River, for now they say they do not have formal offers for the Chaco player, who in January will be part of the preseason that the team will carry out in the United States. Outside of recording, Montepaone acknowledges that he is constantly contacted from Europe about the hookup.

As always, time will tell if the complications foreseen in River are reasonable or exaggerated.

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