Milan at the Top: The Analysis of their Recent Success and Upcoming Challenges


The coach saves his bench thanks to some of his most representative men. Milan remains at the top, but the real test will be the match in Bergamo against Atalanta

03 dic 2023

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At the end of a week that seemed to lead straight to the end of the Rossoneri adventure Stefano Pioli, Milan finds itself and remains at the top of the table thanks to a round success against Frosinone. Not exactly the most complicated opponent possible, but a sufficiently annoying rival at a time which, thanks to the defeat at home against Dortmund and the reduced possibilities of qualify for the Champions League round of 16risked definitively compromising the season Devil. Instead, something evidently clicked in the heads of the Rossoneri who, a sign not to be underestimated, got back on their feet thanks also, if not above all, to the performances of their leaders. As usual Maignandecisive his Eat it at 0-0, until Theo Hernandez, protagonist of a very convincing performance in the unprecedented role of central defender. Small note: in recent days there has been a lot of talk about the team being far from its coach and the senators ready to abandon the ship adrift. In this sense, the group’s response also has an important significance for the future of Stefano Pioli, suddenly back on his bench.

In reality the
Frosinone it was just a hint of dessert on the plate of a dinner that was becoming very unappetizing. The measure, so to speak, will be given by the travel of
Bergamo against
Atalanta, a team that constantly returns to the destiny of the Parma coach. Atalanta first and
Newcastle then they will say a lot about the future of
Milan in the league and in
Europa where, just to be clear, “relegation” also comes in
Europa League today it is anything but a given. On the contrary.

But let’s stay in the home garden. The good news came from the match against the team of
By Francesco are essentially two: that Milan still has the ability to react even without two of its most important players –
Leo and Giroud – is that
Theo Hernandez can cover, at least until January, the chasm that has opened up in the center of the defense after the series of injuries
Kjaer, Kalulu, Thiaw and Pellegrino. It wasn’t a given at all, so much so that during the week it was thought about making the young man’s debut
Simicand it was even less conceivable that the Frenchman would pull off such a brilliant match alongside
Theo he restored solidity to the department and, as also explained by Pioli, he improved the exit phase from the bottom thanks to his indisputable ability, under construction. In short, up to now and probably also once the starters of the role return, Theo will simply fill a gap, but excluding that that could become his position or, at least, a solution for some matches, is not possible at all.

The other unexpected good news came from
Jovic, finally able to give his contribution to the cause. The former
Fiorentina it cannot be argued in absolute terms, because the individual qualities are evident – just remember the assist that led to the penalty on
Theo Hernandez right against the Viola – but up until now he had distilled his talent drop by drop. On the very cold night at the Meazza he was instead continuous, present and decisive, first with the goal that broke the game and then with the assist for
Tomori who closed it. In Bergamo Olivier will take his place at the center of the attack again
Giroud, but the Jovic seen against Frosinone is finally a possible and valid alternative. Alternative, so to speak because his future is as a starter, as it will be
Bennacer. The Algerian wasted his time and returned for the last 20 minutes, immediately showing freshness in his legs and quickness of mind. He was and will be a fundamental player for Milan. Pioli knows this and can now smile again.


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