The Prime Show MMA fighter has serious problems. He heard the charges

Łukasz K. has appeared in the past in programs such as: Hidden Truth or Pawn Shop – Mortgage life. However, he gained the greatest popularity thanks to the series “Hotel Paradise”, in which he appeared in 2020. At the beginning of July this year, he decided to make his debut in mixed martial arts, and his rival at the Prime Show MMA 5 gala was Damian Kasprzak. However, the fight did not end as he expected, as he lost by technical knockout in the second round. Since then, he hasn’t appeared in the cage and everything indicates that he won’t do it anytime soon.

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Prime Show MMA fighter arrested. He faces up to eight years in prison

The spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, Prosecutor Szymon Banna, informed in an interview with TVP Info that Łukasz K. was detained by the police on Sunday, December 3 and charged with as many as six charges: persistent harassment of his former partner, destruction of items worth PLN 11,000. PLN, making criminal threats, causing minor bodily harm to the former partner and her current partner, and stealing PLN 14,000. zloty.

– The court agreed to the prosecutor’s office’s request and indicated that the evidence collected by the prosecutor’s office at the current stage of the proceedings proves that the suspect is very likely to have committed the charged acts – he said.

It was unofficially determined that the suspect punched his former partner in the face and kicked her current partner. The prosecutor added that the 28-year-old had already given explanations that would now be verified, and he had been temporarily arrested for three months. The reason for this decision was the man’s alleged exceptional aggression towards people he knew.

Łukasz K.’s future in combat sports is a big question mark. We certainly won’t see him during the next Prime Show MMA gala, which is supposed to take place in January.

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