Regensburg Legionnaires Announce Roster News for 2024 Season

Roster news from Regensburg: Legionnaires announce the first names for 2024

Marlon Jimenez Ramos is joining the Guggenberg Legionnaires for the 2024 season (Photo: Tanja Szidat)

A recent announcement on the Legionnaires website contains the first news about the 2024 roster. Marlon Jimenez Ramos is new to the squad. The Spanish-Cuban infielder was under contract in Mainz for the past two seasons and was one of the A’s most important offensive players this year.

Alex Schmidt, Nino Sacasa and Devon Ramirez are also confirmed. Pascal Amon has also been back in training since the fall after missing the entire 2023 season due to an injury.

David Dinski, who only came from Munich last year, and pitcher Christian Pedrol are no longer there. The latter moves to Italy.

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2023-12-08 07:51:57
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