The Missing Monster Mentality: Babbel’s Skepticism about Rüdiger’s Move to Real Madrid

Like that? Babbel is convinced that Rüdiger, David Alaba’s defensive colleague at the Royals, did not end up in Madrid because of his playing brilliance. “He was a mentality monster at VfB, at Rome, at Chelsea.” The best conditions for the German national team, in other words, to implement a monster mentality there too. You could believe it. But that’s exactly what Babbel misses with Rüdiger as soon as he puts on the team’s bodysuit. “You would actually have to think: If someone plays for Real Madrid, he should be seeded. “That’s what makes me so skeptical and makes me despair,” says Babbel critically.

2023-12-04 09:49:00
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