The Intriguing Relationship Between Messi and Lewandowski: Insights from Angel Di Maria

Angel di Maria He was one of the greatest squires of Leo Messi in it world and in the past America Cup. To commemorate the first anniversary of achieving the title that crowned them as World Champions, the former player of the Real Madrid reviewed in the Star+ documentary “Campeones, a year later” the image of the hookup between Messi y Lewandowski in the second match of the Group Stage of the competition.

“Even my grandmother realized that Messi I purposely addressed it to Lewandowski. They are things about him, that remain inside him sometimes. When someone talks about him, he ends up throwing it at you in a note or he does it to you on a court. He talks like that, that way. I think it is normal. There are people who sometimes don’t respect him and don’t realize that he is the best player in history. “You don’t have to tell him anything because it ends up turning on and it’s worse.”Fideo confirmed.

The dispute between the two could go back to the time of the election of the Golden Ball 2021, when Messi won the award a year after France Football canceled the 2020 award due to Covid, where ‘Lewy’ was the clear winner: “It is an honor for me to fight with Lewandowski, you deserve a Ballon d’Or. Last year everyone agreed that you were the winner. I hope France Football can give it to you and have it in your home, because you were a fair winner. You have to have it in your house,” he declared at the gala itself.

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Lewandowski yes he rose with it The Best two months after the seventh coronation of the Argentine and he remembered those statements of Messi in the Polish magazine Pilka Nozna: “He asked for a Ballon d’Or for me but he didn’t vote for me for The Best.”

This ‘bad vibe’ seems to be over and in the last galas that have coincided they have been seen talking, as at the Laureus awards last May. The former player of Barça He asked him about the new stage of Robert in Barcelona: “All good?”. “Yes, everything is fine,” replied the Pole.

Antonella, Messi and Lewandowski talking in the last Laureus

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