Thunder Defeats Lakers in High-Scoring Victory

“Thunder” defeated Los Angeles “Lakers” basketball players at home with the result 133:110 (30:37, 42:23, 36:28, 25:22).

Shay Gilges-Alexander led the Thunder with 33 points and seven assists, Jalen Williams added 21 points, seven assists and five rebounds, while five other players scored at least 10 points.

Anthony Davis scored 31 points and 14 rebounds in the “Lakers” team, LeBron James collected 21 points, 12 rebounds, six assists and five turnovers, and D’Angelo Russell – 16 points and ten assists.

The next game “Thunder” will play on the road against Dallas “Mavericks” on Saturday.

“Thunder” ranks third in the Western Conference with 12 wins in 18 games.

Before this match, commentator Michael Scotto reported on the social networking site “X” that Bertan and the Oklahoma City Thunder had agreed to revise the terms of the contract;

Bertan has a $16 million contract next season, with the condition that he plays more than 75% of the games this season. If he does not reach this number of games, he would receive five million dollars, thus the playing of the Latvian is limited.

Scotto writes that the two sides have agreed to void that contract condition and guarantee $5.25 million next season.

Several basketball connoisseurs assume that precisely because of the terms of the contract, Dāvis has remained on the bench in some matches this season. True, this is all more speculation.

Bertans played in five of the 17 “Thunder” games this season, or the third part of the matches played. The Latvian forward scored an average of 3.4 points in nine minutes, making long shots with 25% accuracy.


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