The Influence of Pretty Women on NBA Player Performance: Fact or Fiction?

By Guillaume K. | Sports journalist

As rumor has it, NBA players are in much better shape when there are pretty women courtside. Une hypothesis verified in recent days, as explained by an Internet user in a viral video.

There is an urban legend that says that athletes, and even more so when they are professionals, always surpass themselves when they know that a beautiful woman is looking at them. Jordan Poole is the perfect representation of this phenomenon on social networks, he who is the hero of several compilations on the subject. In recent days, this seemingly shaky theorem has been verified.

NBA players over-motivated by pretty women?

As we can see in her post, OnflyFans singer/dancer/model Malu Trevejo, 11 million followers on Instagram, was closest to the action for the meeting between the Clippers and the Nuggets. According to the TikTok account “stonersportsnetworkssn”, the fact that she is next to Reggie Jackson on the bench is not unrelated to the fact that the leader had his best match in a long time.

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As you can see, Malu Trevejo was on the sidelines for this match, worse, she was almost on the bench. If she wanted she could have even grabbed Reggie Jackson’s head. The Nuggets coach could have put her on the court if he wanted. But this is the epitome of why we need to ban Insta models from pitchside. I don’t know what’s crazier?!

DeAndre Jordan who scores 21 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists in 2023, or Reggie Jackson who finishes with 35 points and 13 assists? I was convinced that Jordan had not been at NBA level for 6 years! The Nuggets were expected to lose by 11 points according to the bookmakers, you can’t make me believe that the presence of Malu Trevejo on the bench is not linked to this card.

In this video viewed nearly a million times on TikTok, a user exposes his crazy theory according to which DeAndre Jordan and Reggie Jackson were motivated by the presence of Malu Trevejo a few centimeters from them on the bench. Impossible to confirm or not, but Jordan Poole could well lose his title as a women’s player…

More than the presence of a woman with 11 million subscribers, the two Nuggets players were especially helped by the absence of Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray that evening. They had the keys to the game and acted accordingly.

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