The Future of Robert Lewandowski at FC Barcelona: Insights from Wife Anna

What does the future look like for Robert Lewandowski (35)?

The striker is actually one of the undisputed superstars at FC Barcelona. The Catalan club only brought him from Bayern last year for around 45 million euros.

However, Lewandowski’s performances do not always go without criticism in Spain. Recently there has been speculation about a change again.

Now his wife Anna Lewandowski (35) has intervened in the change rumors – and made a clear indication.

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Robert Lewandowski: Ms. Anna hints at future decision

In an interview with the “Onet” portal, Lewandowska said: “I hope that we settle down and stay for a long time.”

Clear words from Lewandowski’s wife.

The former karate fighter continued: “For a few months now I have been working on opening a fitness studio and a dance school in Barcelona, ​​where I also organize sports championships.” So it is quite possible that the Lewandowski family wants to grow old in the Catalonian capital.

It’s about a Nagelsmann decision “That’s surprising to me”

Source: BILD December 17, 2023

Barcelona or Munich? Lewy love has a clear preference. Lewandowska: “When we lived in Munich, I was completely immersed in work. I got into a bit of a whirlwind and sometimes I wondered why I was doing this. Robert asked me this question too. After moving to Barcelona, ​​my outlook on life changed. I started appreciating it more and enjoying it to the fullest. The Catalans taught me that there is only one life and that it is worth enjoying.”

The two have been married since 2013. The first daughter Klara was born in 2017. The second daughter Laura was born in 2020.

One thing is clear: the ex-Bayern star still has a contract in Barcelona until 2026. But there is always speculation about a change next summer. At the forefront: the US league MLS and Saudi Arabia.

Lewandowski in the Messi League? The idea has already appealed to the Poles in the past. Lewandowski himself admitted in the summer that the idea of ​​playing there was already in his head before Barça got in touch. He said at the time: “Before the corona pandemic, the MLS idea was firmly in my head.” However, he added: “But somehow I changed my mind. After the chapter in Barcelona, ​​it’s hard to imagine.”

In addition, Spanish media continue to report that interest from desert clubs remains strong. Everything is currently pointing to a transfer attempt in the winter.

But if Lewandowski listens to his wife, then staying in Barcelona is probably the top priority…

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