The former referee Corrias on some refereeing decisions of Olimpia-Virtus

Virtus Bologna upset about the whistles to Belinelli and Banchi? Former referee Corrias’ opinion on Backdoor.

Controversy that takes hold just under 48 hours before Olimpia Milano-Virtus on Sunday afternoon. Il Carlino places the emphasis on the «techniques given to Banchi and Belinelli who at least arithmetically cost the match on Sunday were not so linear».

The two episodes were analyzed and commented by former referee Silvio Corrias on Backdoor Podcast. Here are episodes and quotes provided by the site of the great Simone Mazzola.

«Belinelli throws a throw-in from the back and returns to the pitch faced by Hall. The two come into contact and for a moment lock arms. Beli tries to pass on Polonara’s block, but Hall has the advantage and passes too, while both push, Belinelli clings to Hall’s shirt who ends up on the ground”

«After Lanzarini’s invitation to return to the pitch, Banchi continues to give instructions to the team on the blackboard. At that point Lanzarini assigns a time-out to Virtus, who however have already exhausted them during the two quarters, and therefore the coach must be sanctioned with a technical foul. Coaches often use reviews as “suspensions”, but at the end of the review and after the referees’ communication, the players must be ready to resume”

2023-12-12 13:27:17
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