Standard’s New Coaching Staff: A Smart Move?

Shouldn’t they even take a new team photo at Standard? Since the start of the competition at the end of July, not only the core of players has changed thoroughly, but also the coaching staff. The newest addition: T2 Bernd Thijs. “A very good move,” says analyst Peter Vandenbempt.

Carl Hoefkens started the season with football star Yaya Touré as right-hand man, but he has already opted for a new adventure in Saudi Arabia. Last month, Standard recruited Bernd Thijs as a replacement.

Thijs, who was previously T2 at AA Gent and the Saudi team Al-Raed, knows the club well, because he played in Liège for 5 years.

“I think it’s a really good move,” says Peter Vandenbempt in Extra Time. “It is difficult to estimate from the outside, but Yaya Touré seemed somewhat disinterested. He was just juggling on the sidelines during the warm-up.”

“With Bernd Thijs you now have someone who is appreciated as an assistant by various named trainers. He is a smart footballer who knows the club. I think that is very helpful to you.”

Hoefkens can only agree with that. He also welcomes the return of José Jeunechamps as an assistant. “It is important for me to have people next to me who know Standard as a club.”

“Bernd played for the first team and José has done just about everything here. That is very important.”

“I also like assistants who dare to take responsibility. Everyone must know what wavelength they are on.”


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