Tarjei Boe Leads Scandinavian Dominance as French Struggle

The French in reverse, Tarjei Boe is putting up resistance. Once again bankrupt against the targets, the leaders of the French contingent have not yet launched their season on an individual level. It was finally the young Eric Perrot (22 years old) who took a solid 10th place in the Hochfilzen sprint on Friday.

At the front, the Scandinavians have logically swallowed up the first places, ahead of the Germans who are less dashing than in Sweden. Still performing as well despite the weight of the years, Tarjei Boe (10/10) signed a 13th career victory, ahead of his compatriot Sturla Laegreid (10/10) and Sebastian Samuelsson (9/10). His younger brother, Johannes Boe, more energetic on the tips (2nd skiing time), failed on the standing (three faults), 11th (7/10).

French leaders absent, Perrot asserts himself

After a mixed first Scandinavian weekend for the French biathlon leaders, a reaction was expected on the Austrian site of Hochfilzen. Quentin Fillon Maillet’s first loop just had time to sow a few promises that the prone shot (4/5) brought everyone back to the harsh reality: facing the targets, QFM has not yet adjusted its sights. Standing, the sentence increased with two additional faults (18th, 7/10).

For Emilien Jacquelin, the result is better, both in substance and in form. Certainly slightly slower than his compatriot, the Isérois only released two balls (one per shot) to finish not far from the top 10 (13th, 8/10). Among the Blues, the light finally came from the spatulas of Eric Perrot (22 years old), author of a convincing 9/10 against the targets and first Frenchman on the line (10th). The Franco-Norwegian will have a card to play in the pursuit on Saturday with a view to a top 5, or even better.

J. Boe cracks again, Samuelsson takes power

Besides the Tricolores, all eyes were on the holder of the big globe, Johannes Boe. After displaying an irregular form on the skis in Östersund, the Norwegian wanted to set the record straight for entry time. Supersonic on the first loop and impeccable on the prone, the youngest of the Boe siblings seemed to be heading straight for a first success this winter, before letting himself be overwhelmed by his recent demons. After an offensive shot but lacking rigor, he let three balls slip away on his feet (7/10). A complete sabotage as the Scandinavian is accustomed to this season (10th).

The new setback for the biathlon boss did not prevent yet another group shot from the Norwegians at the forefront. An explosive duo even stood out at the top of the list. Still in good shape despite his veteran status (35 years old), Tarjei Boe scored a 13th career victory in front of his compatriot Sturla Laegreid, back at his best level. Third Friday, Sebastian Samuelsson (3rd) took advantage of the poor performance of Philipp Nawrath (34th, 7/10) to steal the leader’s yellow bib, the reward for an amazing start to the season.

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