Sprinter Lalit Kumar with a positive doping test after the 100 meter final

Gone stupid. At the end of September, Lalit Kumar suddenly became internationally famous, even though he had only won the national championship for 100 meter sprinters in the Indian state of Delhi.

He didn’t have to try hard, after all there was no competition anywhere. The other sprinters decided not to start when word got out that doping controllers would be present.

“The other seven canceled because of cramps or strains,” Kumar was quoted as saying at the time: “Everyone was afraid of doping tests.” He was the positive exception. Lalit Kumar later received this in writing. From the inspectors.

Drostanolone, an anabolic steroid, found in the sample taken on September 26, the day of the 100m final of the Delhi State Championships. Kumar sees himself as the victim of a conspiracy, he tells the “Indian Express”: “If I had doped, I would have run away like the others. I feel like each other’s coaches are behind it.”

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He had to forgo opening the B sample, it was too expensive. Poor sprinter. Some of his money, he remembers, was spent on nutritional supplements.


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