‘Quick Thinker’ Kristian Hlynsson Shines at Ajax: Praised as ‘Best Man on the Field’

‘Very quick thinker’ makes a big impression at Ajax: ‘The best man on the field’

Sunday, December 10, 2023 at 9:01 AM

Kristian Hlynsson made an excellent impression on Saturday evening. The Ajax midfielder was praised in the studio of ESPN’s Eretribune during half-time of the match against Sparta Rotterdam (2-0 at half-time, 2-1 result). “For me, that was the best man on the field,” said Karim El Ahmadi.

Since John van ‘t Schip took over at Ajax, Hlynsson has been undisputed in the starting line-up. The attacking midfielder is important as a playmaker for the inexperienced team, Kees Kwakman also sees. “Hlynsson can think very quickly in the field,” Kwakman said. “He already sees the solution, also for others, and he gives the directions with arm gestures.”

Hlynsson did this, for example, in the attack that led to Brian Brobbey’s 1-0. Hlynsson looked for depth on the right flank and served Kenneth Taylor there. After a back heel from the latter, Brobbey was able to score. “A fantastic goal,” said Kwakman.

“This also has to do with fitness. Then you can continue to make these kinds of depth runs throughout the match, and Taylor and Hlynsson do that very well,” Kwakman said.

El Ahmadi sees that the interaction between Hlynsson as number 10 and Steven Berghuis as right winger is very good. “That makes it easier for Berghuis.”

Hlynsson regularly looks for the right flank as soon as Berghuis leaves it. “As a result, Ajax plays better offensively, which has to do with Hlynsson’s running actions. I think he plays great. Sparta is just having a hard time, especially in midfield.”

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