Social Media Speculation: Tensions in Argentine National Team Over Secret Party

The spirits in the Argentine National Team after the supposed secret party remained tense, the partners of certain footballers came out to clarify their versions, while others only share images as a sign that everything is fine. It was not like that with Enzo Fernández, who had a crisis with his partner and now another player has joined him.

First of all, it happened with Fernández who had no interaction with her partner for days on social networks, there were no likes on her part of photos with her daughter and crisis and scandal were rumored on social networks, finally they returned and everything returned to normal .

Julián Álvarez Emilia Ferrero

Social networks

But now it was Julián Álvarez’s turnwho is usually very active on social networks and shares his life with his girlfriend Emilia Ferrero from England, since he plays for Manchester City.

But in the last few hours, There was strange behavior on the young woman’s networks and it is the featured stories. He made an unexpected change and deleted the photos with it from stories, but left the ones on the feed.

This may hint at a possible crisis with the player, who has not yet referred to the situation. Both continue to follow each other, but are they in crisis?

2023-12-08 11:33:00
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