Nadir Hifi: Rising Star of Betclic ÉLITE – A Look Back at His Journey in French Basketball

Betclic ÉLITE – Nadir Hifi, leader of Paris Basketball since the start of the season, looks back on his journey in an LNB video.

Nadir Hifi is one of the new stars of Betclic ÉLITE after his explosion at ESSM Le Portel and his confirmation at Paris Basketball.

Leader of the U17 region of the SIG Strasbourg in 2017-2018 then of the association’s senior men’s team in Nationale 3 in 2019-2020, Nadir Hifi is one of the candidates for the French men’s team four years later. In a video posted online by the National Basketball League (LNB), the Alsatian looks back on his journey. His former teammate Benoit Mangin also speaks about his collaboration with the young leader:

December 8, 2023 at 8:20 a.m.


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Betclic ELITE

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