Rudi Assauer: Rudi and the Bald King

Was a former football coach serving as a straw man to get the money away from Rudi Assauer, who suffers from dementia? The investigators from the Essen public prosecutor’s office, who have been trying to solve the criminal case surrounding the former football manager for three years, have come across a new lead that leads to a dubious figure in the Ruhr area town of Marl.

This man’s name is Werner Kasper. He is now 72 years old and was once one of the versatile figures who surrounded influential men in the glittering world of professional football. Because there are always jobs to be had in the shadow of those in power. When Rudi Assauer was still the face of FC Schalke 04 until May 2006, Werner Kasper was one of this bunch of hard-working sports teachers who hoped to make a small career out of their proximity to celebrities. Assauer called Kasper, whose hair fell out early on, “the bald king.”


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