Struggles with Stability: Luis Enrique’s Impact on PSG and the Mbappé Relationship

Struggles with Stability: Luis Enrique’s Impact on PSG and the Mbappé Relationship

After a year, last, in which almost any information that came from France regarding PSG had almost nothing to do with football, It seemed that the arrival of Luis Enrique would provide the French club with the necessary stability to try to look at something beyond Ligue 1.

After a few months at the helm, even with the Asturian the Parisian team continues to be soap opera meat; a powder keg whose fuse is so short that it explodes at the slightest moment. And that’s at least what it is They begin to slip that the relationship between the coach and the Parisian star, Kylian Mbappé, is not as fluid as at the beginninglike when the former national coach defended him after being removed from the club by Al-Khelaifi.

The reasons that French media, such as the prestigious newspaper L’Equipe, would be exploring would be a consequence, almost inevitably, of the poor or dubious recent results of Paris Saint Germain.

Not now in the Champions League, where they have qualified without any shine as runners-up for the round of 16, but especially in the domestic competition. He is the leader, yes, but any setback, given the great difference in budget with the rest of the team, causes the foundations of the Parc des Princes to shake. Because if something seems to be recurring in recent years in Paris, it is that everyone is united in victory; When this does not arrive, everything begins to go wrong.

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The last draw against Lille also meant a new episode in Mbappé’s increasingly recurrent gestures of disapproval on the pitch and the subsequent reply from Luis Enrique at a press conference.

And this is where it appears Luis Enriquesometimes on the defensive, and other times on the attack, and it does not hurt him to evaluate If one of your players offers everything he owes to the team. Because he also said in the summer despite defending PSG’s ‘7’, “There is no one above the team and the club“. And that’s how it should be, but well, as always, not everything is black or white; there is a wide scale of gray.

Luis Enrique on Mbappé’s new position: “I don’t have to convince anyone of anything”

And when it comes to Mbappé, whose future is always an unknown, everything is magnified. Above all approaching the date of January 1, 2024, when you will be able to negotiate freely with any team without fear of institutional penalties. Does your discomfort have anything to do with this or simply with the fact that The French star stirs whenever the coach places him in a position that is not hisor how ‘9’ u ‘invitándole’ to be supportive defensively?

The public statements against him do not seem to please him too much. Mbappé, although yes, as stated in L’Equipe, he appreciates the Asturian’s frankness. However, the Parisian seems to be more into having things told to him in ‘small committee’ and not with great fanfare. And it is already known that Luis Enrique He has not mincing words. If she has to say that Mbappé should help more, she says so.

In the same way that they do not shy away from stating that any first-place finisher in the Champions group stage would be too happy to face them in the round of 16. In the end it will be Real Sociedad. Nice duel against one of the Spanish teams that play the best football.

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