Rising Star: Luka Doncic’s Impact in the NBA

Few players in all history are remembered with a greater impact than Luka Doncic in his first seasons in the NBA. The way in which the Slovenian took over the keys to Dallas (and the NBA) in a matter of months is overwhelming. At 24 years old, breaks records with ease, He climbs the rankings without breaking a sweat and invites excitement in the Mavericks.

In his second game after becoming a father a few days ago, Luka Doncic signed 40 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists against the overwhelmed Jazz (147-97). And all this, in three quarters. It seems like something common already for him. And, to a certain extent, it is. Luka, at 24 years old, sneaks into the top 10 of players with the most triple-doubles in history, moving to 9th position with 60.

Doncic’s leftover: “He only got angry because I’m kicking his ass…”

Looks improbable That someone so young gives the impression of having dominated the NBA for so long. And this is still the beginning. As a complement to the data, it is 5th in all history in triple-doubles of 30 points and with 40 or more. Absolutely astronomical figures. He is also the first all-time to record a 25-point triple-double in the first half.

Doncic and Irving combined for 66 points against Utah Jazz

A ride to Dallas

The victory was not complicated for the Mavericks. He 74-51 at halftime did justiceaa what was seen on the track and left a wide margin of rest for the stars in Dallas. Those from Texas, when they pick up the pace, are unstoppable. The 40 points from the first quarter They are a good example of this.

Added to Doncic’s exhibition were the 26 points from Irving. Between the Slovenian and Kyrie they signed 66 points. The complete Jazz quintet, 53. Two teams in a different dynamic, with different aspirations. On Utah’s part, highlight a great Broken Blackwho finished with 21 points.

The Mavericks continue to add. Are already 12-8, in fourth position in the West, and they have their rivals just a stone’s throw away. The ecstasy is still on the track and the pieces seem to fit together more than ever.

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