Dak Prescott’s MVP Candidacy Soars as He Proves to Be a Problem Solver on the Field

Step up. Dak Prescott’s upward trajectory continues in his candidacy towards the MVP after an exhibition in which he proved that he is not only a good quarterback, but a solver. The dramatic rise that he had, both in his game and in his numbers and in the level of the team, from Week 8 to 12 put him in the conversation for the most valuable player. How to stay and advance in your career? Replicating the performance in their next five games, all higher-ranking rivals. He passed the first test and did so with outstanding marks.

The Seahawks are not a heavyweight in the league, but they are a competitive team, very well trained, complicated, and one that sells its losses very dearly. Dak was unstoppable against them. A game that should have been “manageable” for the Cowboys turned into a shootout. Mike McCarthy didn’t have his best night in terms of play selection and Dallas still came out ahead. The Dak-Lamb duo is very responsible. Prescott threw 41 times, 34 of them against zone coverage (more complex to decipher than personal coverage), of those attempts 26 were successful and led to 256 yards and 3 touchdowns. Which proves what was implied a couple of months ago: Dak has become a problem solver. It doesn’t matter if the obstacle is the opponent’s scheme or a bad call from his Coach, the guy finds ways to put his teammates and his team in scenarios where they can win. Aaron Rodgers just said that Dak has become one of his favorite QBs to watch. ARod sure appreciates a smart passer.

He is number 1 in touchdown passes and touchdown/interception ratio, and is second in quarterback rating and completion percentage. He is going through a test, four are missing against top-level synods. If he can keep up, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t win MVP.

2023-12-05 16:22:00
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