Rebuilding Surajaya Stadium: Lamongan’s Modernization Plan

Lamongan – The Persela vs Deltras FC match was the final match held at the Surajaya Stadium before it was completely dismantled to be rebuilt. According to the plan, the Surajaya stadium will be designed to be more modern and in accordance with FIFA standards.

Head of the Lamongan Youth and Sports Service (Dispora), Erwin Sulistya Pambudi, said that currently the Surajaya Stadium has been deactivated from all forms of activity. According to the schedule, the demolition of the stadium that Lamongan residents are proud of will be carried out on December 28 2023.

“Currently we are preparing for the demolition which is planned to be carried out on December 28, so we will deactivate the Surajaya stadium from all activities,” Erwin told reporters, Friday (1/12/2023).

Erwin said that the stadium demolition would take place from December 28 to January 18 2024. After the demolition, Erwin continued, the process of building the stands would then begin, followed by arranging the drainage system and replacing the grass.

“We hope that the demolition can be done quickly, because there is already a winning bidder and it can be rebuilt immediately,” said Erwin.

Surajaya Lamongan Stadium Design (Photo: Dispora Lamongan)

The plan is that the new Surajaya Stadium will have a modern design with all facilities and infrastructure in accordance with FIFA standards. Erwin gave an example of the shape of the audience seats which will later be changed to single seats.

“The shape of the spectator seats will be single seats or one seat at a time so that spectators must have tickets when entering the stadium,” explained Erwin.

Apart from that, the stadium will also be equipped with a barrier or perimeter for audience screening and 4 player changing rooms. For spectator capacity, the new Surajaya Stadium will be able to accommodate around 12,840 or 13 thousand people.

Even though it is completely overhauled, two parts that have historical value will not be dismantled and will continue to be used as stadium icons. The two parts are the Choirul Huda monument and the plaque for the first construction of the Surajaya Stadium.

“For the time being, we are taking these 2 items so that we can later install them back at the new Surajaya Stadium,” said Erwin.

Meanwhile, the development budget, continued Erwin, all came from the PUPR Ministry. The rebuilding of the Surajaya Stadium cost IDR 300 billion.

“The budget from the Ministry of PUPR of the Republic of Indonesia is IDR 300 billion,” stressed Erwin.

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