Face-to-Face Discussion at Enrique Cerezo’s Book Presentation: Florentino Perez and Diego Simeone

Florentino Perezpresident of Real Madrid, and Diego Pablo Simeonecoach of Altético de Madrid, had a face-to-face discussion during the presentation of the book ’75 looks and more for 75 years’ by Enrique Cerezo.

Enrique Cerezo: “Atlético de Madrid is in fashion”

The guests at the presentation of Enrique Cerezo’s book

At the presentation of the book that reviews the life of Enrique Cerezo in football and in cinema, which was presented by Roberto Gomez y Cayetana Guillen Cuervo and in which a video of Santiago SeguraThere was no shortage of figures such as Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Florentino Pérez, Miguel Ángel Gil, Cholo Simeone, Andrea Berta, Koke, Llorente, Savic, Giménez or Oblak.

Martínez-Almeida: “A film for the life of Enrique Cerezo would be ‘Only in the face of danger'”

‘El Chiringuito’ captured the face to face between Florentino and Simeone at the presentation of Cerezo’s book

The cameras of the program ‘The beach bar’ They captured the meeting at the presentation between Florentino Pérez and Simeone.

In the talk it is clearly seen how Florentino says Cholo calling the Atlético coach and, after a small talk, the Argentine coach answers him “gracias” between laughs.

“You will be proud”he tells Simeone when the Atlético coach begins to retire.

According to the editors of ‘El Chiringuito’ present at the event, the conversation between Simeone and Florentino was about Giovanni Simeone, the son of ‘Cholo’ who plays for Naples what He scored against Real Madrid in the Champions League the previous day.

“How old are you?”Florentino asked Simeone about Gio, who is 28 years old, has been international with Argentina six times and signed in 2022 with Naples after playing for Hellas Verona, Cagliari, Fiorentina, Genoa, Banfield and River Plate.

The hearty hug between Florentino Pérez and Enrique Cerezo

The hearty hug between Florentino Pérez and Enrique Cerezo

Florentino Pérez and Enrique Cerezo, the presidents of Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, embraced each other during the presentation of the book of the life of the red and white manager.

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